Tiësto first TV debut in 1998 with a 20 minute incredible vinyl show set

Tiësto first TV debut with a 20 minute incredible vinyl show set within the depths of Belgium club, Danssalon in March 1998. We all know what happens after this gig…


01. Magnetix – Groove Sonars (Original Mix)
02. Pulp Victim – Dreams Last For Long
03. Control Freaks – Subspace Interference
04. VDM – Flowtation
05. 16C+ – Guarantee

Tiësto @ Club Risk NYE 1999

It all began February 29 in 1998. History came in the Dutch dance field. Visual Jammin’ creates with the TV program TMF THE DJ’S a platform for known and unknown talent. The show was recorded at ‘De DansSalon’, Eindhoven (in the south of The Netherlands).

Tiësto at the 2004 olympic games


Tiësto experienced a trip around the globe during the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Friday, August 13th. Athens – The DJ and artist from The Netherlands, made the athletes dance during their entrance in the Olympic Stadium. It was really great to have contact with all the athletes in this unique and special way. They really gave me a lot of energy during my set.

The highlight during his set was the entrance of the Dutch team. That was the greatest moment. They just didn’t wanted to leave the spot in front of the DJ booth and at a certain moment officials had to send them away. But also other countries were completely going crazy on my music. It’s very strange to experience that a lot of athletes were familiar with the songs. This really was my trip around the world tonight.


At the beginning of the show Tiësto realized that this would be the first time that he would play for a billion people crowd. The first ten minutes he was quite nervous. At first it all seemed very unreal. I had to convince myself that this was actually happening. But when the athletes finally entered the stadium, this feeling faded away. I thought it was great that they all had eye for me. Tiësto accompanied the athletes during their entrance in the stadium with his music.

His show was supposed to take 90 minutes but there was a delay for half an hour. I was afraid that I didn’t have enough records to play, Tiësto smiled. Fortunately, I took more records along with me. Actually it was kind of fun because due to this reason I had to improvise a little bit. I just couldn’t get enough of it.


01 Tiësto – Heroes
02 Tiësto – Breda 8PM (DJ Montana Edit)
03 Tiësto – Victorious
04 Tiësto – Traffic (Original Mix)
05 Tiësto – Ancient History
06 Tiësto – Athena
07 Tiësto – Olympic Flame
08 DJ Tiësto – Lethal Industry (Original Mix)
09 Tiësto – Coming Home
10 Tiësto & Junkie XL – Obsession (Original Mix)
11 Tiësto ft. BT – Love Comes Again (Instrumental Mix)
12 Tiësto – Walking On Clouds (Instrumental Mix)
13 Tiësto – Nyana (Original Mix)
14 DJ Tiësto – Flight 643 (Original Mix)
15 DJ Tiësto – In My Memory (Airwave Remix)
16 Tiësto – Forever Today
17 Tiësto – Adagio For Strings (Original Mix)
18 Tiësto – Ancient History

Tiësto & Ferry Corsten – Lola da Musica Trance Europe Express (VPRO) (24-10-1999)

Tiesto & Ferry Corsten – Lola da Musica Trance Europe Express (VPRO) (24-10-1999)

The story
On Sunday October 24 1999 Dutch TV channel VPRO had a broadcasting in the Lola da Musica show. The documentary is called ‘Trance Europe Express’ and the Lola da Music team is following Dutch DJ’s / producers Ferry Corsten and DJ Tiësto who had their first successes with ‘System F – Out Of The Blue’ and ‘Gouryella – Gouryella’.

In the documentary you can see Ferry and Tijs in Glasgow, Ibiza, during the Fast Forward Dance Parade in Rotterdam, in the famous Magik Store in Breda and in Ferry Corsten’s studio in Rotterdam. You can see the boys while they are producing the new Gouryella track ‘Walhalla’.

Furthermore they about what trance exactly is and how a ‘normal’ week looks like for them.

Gouryella “Gouryella”

gouryella2The ‘Gouryella’ project is a collaboration between Dutch producers Ferry Corsten and Tijs Verwest, who’s better known as DJ Tiësto. It is probably one of the most well known collaborations ever in the world of Electronic Dance Music. In May 1999 the Dutch ‘Tsunami’ label released their first ‘Gouryella’ track, which was also called ‘Gouryella’. On this vinyl (TSU 6009) were 2 tracks: ‘Gouryella’ on the A side and ‘Gorella’ on side B. It was the very first time ever that Ferry and Tijs worked together on a track and not without success! The epic trance production became a huge hit in the dance charts all around the world and in the clubs as well!

After the success of the first vinyl release, a remix vinyl was released on ‘Tsunami’ later. ‘Gouryella’ was remixed by Armin van Buuren and also Colin Tevendale and Stuart Crichton did a remix under their ‘Gigolo’ alias. A CD released followed as well and furthermore the track got released in several other countries as well. There was even a video clip made of the track. On July 7 1999 Ferry and Tijs both received a golden record for the release of the first ‘Gouryella’ track!

‘Gouryella – Gouryella’ is still one of the most famous trance classics ever! After this first release Ferry and Tijs also released ‘Walhalla’ and ‘Tenshi’ under the ‘Gouryella’ alias. And on the Black Hole Recordings label, they released the track ‘We Came’ (+ ‘Dreamtime’) under the ‘Vimana’ alias. Ferry also released ‘Gouryella – Ligaya’, but that was without Tiësto. So far these are the only ‘Gouryella’ releases ever, but … you never know what’s going to happen in the future …


When Ferry was playing at Gatecrasher Ice in Nottingham, he was playing ‘Gouryella – Gouryella’ as last track in his set. Tiësto was there as well, since he had to play after Ferry as well. He came on stage during the track and there is a video available of this as well:

A very cool interview Ferry did together with Tiësto back in 1999, when they were rising stars under the famous Gouryella alias! They explain how they met, what their goals are and more…


DJ Tiësto – Live At Innercity 1999

tiesto-live-at-innercity-1999-2 Date: Saturday 20th of February, Time: 20:00, Place: RAI complex Amsterdam, silence before the storm. The crew is making a final check, first artists are coming in and people at home are dressing up and preparing themselves for a unforgettable night.

21:00, the moment everybody waited for over the last few months, INNERCITY opened it’s gates and the biggest indoor venue ever organised in Holland was a fact. For over 10 hours the 25.000 party minded visitors were served the best DJ’s from all over the world. International hero’s like: Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Mark Lewis and C.J. Bolland (live) came over to be witness and perform together with National hero’s as: Steve Rachmad, DJ Jean, Orlando Voorn (live), DJ Tiësto, Ronald Molendijk (with new coupe), Michel de Heij, Marco V., Erik E, DJ Cross, DJ Jurgen, JP and many others.

One of INNERCITY’s highlights was the performance by DJ Tiësto, one of Holland’s leading DJ’s. His set was one of very high quality, serving a selection of the best trance tracks, playing with the crowd, asking for response. He played like it was the last night on earth, which resulted in a sweating dancefloor and a crowd which went mad. To him the honour to be on the INNERCITY CD. His live set has been recorder and you will find it back on this CD.

From all the shows that you’ve played is there any one that stands out as the most memorable?
Yeah, of course it was the first Innercity live in RAI Amsterdam. That was my big breakthrough in Holland. After that show everyone in Holland knew me. It was the first big rave in Holland. It was 30,000 people, it was all over the news, all over the television, and I played one of the best sets of my life. The crowd screamed every minute of my set.

Were you nervous beforehand because you knew it was going to be such a big show?
Yeah I was really nervous. And after I stopped playing I was so happy I started crying. I had finally made it, you know. But after that I had many memorable shows.


1. Push – Universal Nation
2. Fire & Ice – Out Of Darkness
3. Agnelli & Nelson – El Nino
4. Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave
5. Systematic Parts – Deja-Vu
6. Straydog – Mirror
7. Loop Control – Reflections
8. Orbital Velocity – Last Voyage (Club Mix)
9. Lord Of Tranz – Sanctificum
10. Yves DeRuyter – Feel Free
11. Plastic Boy – Twixt
12. DJ Tiësto – Theme From Norefjell (DJ Jan & Christophe Chantzis Mix)
13. Evolver – Evolver (Wavestate Instrumental Mix)
14. Fridge – Paradise (Nu Gray Mix)
15. Gouryella – Gouryella
16. Cygnus X – The Orange Theme (Moonman’s Orange Juice Mix)

Tiësto @ Nature Challenge, Rotterdam 2006

Tiesto performed live at the end of the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006 on the river the Maas in Rotterdam. His Dj Booth was on a boat, a big sailing ship, and all the buildings around were used as the visuals of his performance. Lots of different lights, flares and fireworks were used to make this performance one of Tiesto’s specials from the latest 10 years. It was a fabulous experience near the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

For the first time in the 30 years of existence of the Volvo Ocean Race the event finally comes
to Holland. On Saturday the 10th of June the competitive ships will make their entry in the
Veerhaven Rotterdam.

That night the Veerhaven will also be the setting of a unique open air Tiësto concert which is
free for public. During this sensational show surrounding buildings like The Cruise Terminal and
The Erasmusbrug will be part of the immense decor together with fireworks, laser and video
projections. All these aspects will make this a show Holland has never seen before.

During a 75 minutes DJ-set Tiësto will take us on a journey around the world like the ships in
the Volvo Ocean Race. From the start in Southampton to Cape Town, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro,
Miami and the finish in Kiel.



Tiësto 2006-06-10 @ Volvo Ocean Race, Veerhaven, Maas River (Rotterdam, NL)


01 Pink Elephant – LAX
02 First State – Evergreen
03 Leon Bolier – My Precious
04 Progression – Technophobia
05 Jes – People Will Go (Steve Forte Rio Remix)
06 DJ Tiësto – Lethal Industry (New Edit)
07 Interstate – Remember Me (Terry Bones Remix)
08 Tom Cloud – Told You So
09 Solid Haze & Milez – Reduxed (Original Mix)
10 Carl B – Social Suicide
11 DJ Preach – Broken Inside
12 John O’Callaghan & Brian Kearney – Restricted Motion (Airbase Remix)