Battleship Grey

“Battleship Grey” is a song by Tiësto with Kirsty Hawkshaw providing vocals. It appeared in his first album, In My Memory. It was also included in Hawkshaw’s album, Meta Message. Miro or Miromusic created a chillout remix which received great acclaim, and led to the release of the single. Only 300 copies were released through Nebula Records, and 100 in other labels.

Tiesto - In My Memory (Album Artwork)

Tiësto – In My Memory (Album)

In My Memory is the first solo CD produced by trance artist DJ Tiësto, released on April 15, 2001 (see 2001 in music). This CD featured the vocals of Jan Johnst...
Tiesto - In My Memory (Album Artwork)

Tiësto – Battleship Grey Lyrics

Song Lyrics It's battleship grey outside And we dont know what we'll be getting All your sweet talking, raining over me 'til my nameless games, are all set ...