By partnering with Audiofly, Tiësto has drawn on a company whose expertise in product design and audio engineering sits atop the industry. Audiofly has established a reputation for creating products with detailed sound and outstanding frequency response across all audio spectrums. The result of this partnersip is something truly remarkable:

“The Club Life In-Ear Headphones series, “proudly manufactured by Audiofly to Tiësto’s specifications.

Clublife by Tiësto – Adagio
Powered by dual driver technology, Adagio is your VIP access to place where extraordinary things happen. Immerse you senses in an eternity pool of mind-blowing sound, where stunning detail meets heart-pounding exhilaration.

Clublife by Tiësto – Maximal
Engulfing and larger then life, Maximal is your sonic entourage. Building detailed layers of texture with effortless precision, it delivers sublime highs, detailed mids and punchy bass for explosive drop.

Clublife by Tiësto – Paradise
Every track is a journey of emotions, packed with the ear candy you crave. Paradise boasts a full, balanced sound to capture the feel of the club and take you there everyday.

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