“Light Years Away is about not giving up, even though the path ahead sometimes seems impossible and unreachable” – DBX

DBX-Pete-Sacha-JohnThis summer all the fans around the world were introduced to Tiësto`s latest album “A Town Called Paradise” and we couldn’t miss one of the singles on this record. After the album launch party, which took place in New York, it became obvious that our hearts definitely belong to the track called “Light Years Away” featuring DBX. The stunning performance on this party in June is now followed by remixes done by different DJs such as Oliver Heldens and Skyden.

Today you have a chance to know more about the song right from these London guys in the interview exclusively for TIESTOBLOG!

To begin with, tell us about your career before this moment? How did you team up in a group?

JOHN – I’ve been in bands and performed as a singer songwriter for years, I`ve written two solo albums and been involved in various different projects, but none quite like DBX!! We got together after Pete had heard me sing and needed some vocals for a demo he was working on, Sacha and Pete had been writing for years and one day they invited me along for a session and DBX born.

What is the favorite music genre personally for you? Are you interested only in EDM industry or also in other styles?

PETE – I like all music as long as there is a song, I’m a song guy.


Now everyone is excited with the release of “Light Years Away” and its remixes. How did the work on your collaboration begin?

SACHA – We (DBX) had started working on the original shape of “Light Years Away” and whilst I was in Ibiza I played an early demo to one of the head label guys at Universal.  He thought it would be an amazing idea to finish the record with Tiësto.  We all agreed and this is the result.

Did Tijs offer you to work together or did you come up with an idea?

SACHA – He heard the original demo and loved the vibe, from there on it was a joint effort.

Tell us about the process of writing the track. Who from your group is responsible for the vocals? Did you work in studio with Tiësto or remotely?

JOHN – I sang it, “Light Years Away” was written remotely with Tiësto as he’s constantly playing all over the world, Pete and Sacha had this backing track with a dark and brooding feel to it, I came in and together we came up with the top line, constantly feeding back to Tijs. It was a joy to create as the song grew every step like a baby, “Light Years Away” was our baby!!

What are your plans for the future after the album release? Maybe some performances with Tiësto during his parties or individually?

PETE – Absolutely YES!  John is such an amazing singer live and it takes the song to another level in a live atmosphere.  We’re still waiting for the invite to perform in Vegas though! 

SACHA – We’re currently working on our debut album ’cause and affect’ I’m very excited to get these songs out into the world, I love makinTIESTOBLOG – g music with these guys. It’s been a cathartic process for me as I was too spread out with lots of different projects and it’s been nice to focus on something so exciting!.

And finally, what does “Light Years Away” mean personally to you? What is the idea behind this song?

PETE – I think the song universally connects to people in different ways.  It’s about not giving up, even though the path ahead sometimes seems impossible and unreachable. 

TIESTOBLOG would like to thank Pete Kirtley, Sacha Collisson, John James Newman from DBX for their time and participation and wish them the growing success in music industry!