MUMBAI: Presenting you with the good life! DJ Tiësto and SMIRNOFF® vodka, the world’s No.1 spirit brand, have decided to honour Manchester United’s double winning 2008-2009 season with the release of a limited edition dance anthem remix.

In being crowned EPL and Carling Cup champions, Manchester United’s season was exceptional even by their own lofty standards. It is fitting then that SMIRNOFF and superstar DJ, Tiësto, have chosen to honour Man U’s achievement by remixing one of the world’s most popular dance classics, “Good Life” by Kevin Saunderson, featuring Inner City.

India’s millions of Manchester United and dance music fans can catch this unique collaboration as a free download (for a limited time only) courtesy of SMIRNOFF at

The downloaded track comes accompanied with a music video that perfectly captures the spirit of Man U’s triumphant 2008-2009 season. Tiësto’s unique remix is a truly original, unique and stylish testimony to some of Manchester United’s most celebrated moments of recent times matched with the energy and originality of SMIRNOFF nightlife experiences.Tiësto has been crowned the world’s leading DJ several times, received a Grammy nomination and been the only DJ to give a live performance at an Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Behind the scenes with SMIRNOFF, Tiësto and Manchester United

He is also a football diehard. Commenting on the collaboration, Tiësto said, “I love football and SMIRNOFF vodka so it’s a perfect combination”. When asked how it feels to be working with two of the world’s leading brands, Tiësto said, “For me it feels amazing to work with these top brands because we all share the same passion and dedication so it’s a great partnership. I think SMIRNOFF’s idea of the remix and video is original and really exciting.”

On behalf of the Manchester United players, Rio Ferdinand said, “Last season was obviously very special for everyone involved in the club. All the lads love their music and for SMIRNOFF to create a special anthem to celebrate that success is great.” Wes Brown added, “Tiësto – great DJ. He’s got many fans across the world – it’s great that Manchester United, SMIRNOFF and Tiësto can all come together and create something like this, we just hope everyone enjoys it.”

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