tiesto-live-at-innercity-1999-2 Date: Saturday 20th of February, Time: 20:00, Place: RAI complex Amsterdam, silence before the storm. The crew is making a final check, first artists are coming in and people at home are dressing up and preparing themselves for a unforgettable night.

21:00, the moment everybody waited for over the last few months, INNERCITY opened it’s gates and the biggest indoor venue ever organised in Holland was a fact. For over 10 hours the 25.000 party minded visitors were served the best DJ’s from all over the world. International hero’s like: Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Mark Lewis and C.J. Bolland (live) came over to be witness and perform together with National hero’s as: Steve Rachmad, DJ Jean, Orlando Voorn (live), DJ Tiësto, Ronald Molendijk (with new coupe), Michel de Heij, Marco V., Erik E, DJ Cross, DJ Jurgen, JP and many others.

One of INNERCITY’s highlights was the performance by DJ Tiësto, one of Holland’s leading DJ’s. His set was one of very high quality, serving a selection of the best trance tracks, playing with the crowd, asking for response. He played like it was the last night on earth, which resulted in a sweating dancefloor and a crowd which went mad. To him the honour to be on the INNERCITY CD. His live set has been recorder and you will find it back on this CD.

From all the shows that you’ve played is there any one that stands out as the most memorable?
Yeah, of course it was the first Innercity live in RAI Amsterdam. That was my big breakthrough in Holland. After that show everyone in Holland knew me. It was the first big rave in Holland. It was 30,000 people, it was all over the news, all over the television, and I played one of the best sets of my life. The crowd screamed every minute of my set.

Were you nervous beforehand because you knew it was going to be such a big show?
Yeah I was really nervous. And after I stopped playing I was so happy I started crying. I had finally made it, you know. But after that I had many memorable shows.


1. Push – Universal Nation
2. Fire & Ice – Out Of Darkness
3. Agnelli & Nelson – El Nino
4. Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave
5. Systematic Parts – Deja-Vu
6. Straydog – Mirror
7. Loop Control – Reflections
8. Orbital Velocity – Last Voyage (Club Mix)
9. Lord Of Tranz – Sanctificum
10. Yves DeRuyter – Feel Free
11. Plastic Boy – Twixt
12. DJ Tiësto – Theme From Norefjell (DJ Jan & Christophe Chantzis Mix)
13. Evolver – Evolver (Wavestate Instrumental Mix)
14. Fridge – Paradise (Nu Gray Mix)
15. Gouryella – Gouryella
16. Cygnus X – The Orange Theme (Moonman’s Orange Juice Mix)