COLUMBUS, Ohio – He’s taken the electro and dance world by storm and has led the way for up and coming DJs for years. With his mind-blowing compilation of synthesizing, electric beats and cult-like following of fans, it’s no wonder he’s one of the most famous DJs in the world.

Fans were in for a real treat at Tiësto’s concert Monday night at the Lifesyles Communities Pavilion, with an incredible electric light show (and we’re not talking about the Columbus Zoo) complete with flashing beams, pulsing lasers and hypnotic computer animations.

So it’s established that his music is great. But do the live performances do the music justice? Tiësto laughs as I talk about the crazy reaction form the crowd at his concerts: beam-twirling, crowd surfing and the inevitable fist-pumping. He explains what fans can expect at a live show, “I’m actually working on a new track called ‘Maximal Crazy’ because that’s what you can expect at my concerts: maximal craziness.”

He explained it well. He performed to a full house at the LC last night. The concert is not focused on any of his flashy dance moves (because he doesn’t have any), but mostly on the amazing graphics set up around his booth and stage. The lights and animations on stage perpetuate onto the crowd to make you feel like you were in your own personal “Flashing Lights” music video. The pulsating synthesizers that built up during song transitions would come to dramatic “drop” that could easily make anyone’s heart “drop” as well.

A great performance from Tiësto, more than just a DJ; an amazing performer as well. Tiësto will be on his national tour until June. Check out his newest album mix, Tiësto