Live video conference was held on March 13 on Global Tiësto fan site InTheBooth. We offer you only a short part of this conference. Write in comment section , did you like this post.

How do you select your tracks for the show?
I select tracks on … just what I feel. If I hear a track, I know right away if it’s good or not. It depends also where I play, if I play at a big venue, I play a bit known tracks and when I play at club, I try to play more underground tracks. So that’s the main difference between the tracks I select for the show.

How do you get on the traveling, is it challenging to live on the suitcase?
I like it a lot, I’m so used to it (laughing). This couple of days, actually weeks, I have been traveling on the train across UK, it was a lot of fun actually. In general you know, the flying – I don’t really care about it, I’m just in the zone and there is so much stuff I can do on the road now. I have my laptop so can send some tour messages or talk to my friends. I keep my self busy while traveling, so I don’t notice that I’m traveling anymore.

Can you tell something about the new headphones?
Yea, the new headphones, it’s going to be my own line. It’s just a prototype, I’m still testing the sound, and see how they are in maintenance and stuff. It’s going to be my own Tiësto headphone.
Another thing a wanted to say on the headphone thing is, I used to throw my headphones in the crowd, but in general I stopped it. Because sometimes fights started to breaking out, and people get hurt. And I thought that it’s a great gesture to throw it, but it’s now worth it, because people get wounded and start fighting over the headphones. So I just decided not to throw them anymore. Just in case someone is asking or wondering (laughing).

What kind of equipment are you using in studio? What’s your studio preferences?
Studio preferences have changed a lot in the last 2 years actually. We used to have everything – name it, we have it, it’s just like the latest of the latest. And after we bought everything, we discovered – “Ableton Live” (laughing), and “Ableton Live” is so easy to work with, I mean it’s really easy. I have a lot of equipment on sale actually (on ebay), so if you want to buy some stuff – you’re welcome. But I can definitely recommend “Ableton Live”, it’s really good.

Who was your childhood heroes?
My childhood heroes … emm … well … I was more like a big sports fan or soccer fan so childhood hero probably would be: Marco van Basten and others, especially when Holland became European Champions in 1988.

Will there be a DVD from Kaleidoscope World Tour?
I haven’t decided yet , I mean there maybe will be , but I want to make something different than „Copenhagen EOL DVD“, „TIC 2003“ or „TIC 2004“. Maybe just take a little of peaces where I have been and put to one, that would be great. That’s going to be a DVD for sure, but definitely different than the ones we had.

What is the name of the “Come On” song, you have been playing for weeks?
Come On… tu du du du (laughing). It‘s a song that’s not released yet, and it‘s a special collaboration… very special collaboration with… big secret still… I can‘t tell you, but I’m definitely involved in that one, but with someone you would not expect me to make a song with … someone I have never made a song before too. But you will find out soon.

Who’s going to win the World Cup?
Holland, Holland (laughing). But to be honest, I don’t think so (laughing). I think semi-final is likely, but I guess its Brazil again, as always.

What’s the plan with „In Search Of Sunrise“?
Most people know I left „Black Hole Recordings“ last year, and we going to release a „Best“ kind of thing with all mixes, remixes and stuff. But I‘m not really involved in „In Search Of Sunrise“ anymore. I didn‘t even know about the next one coming, but I guess somebody else is going to mix it and take it over from me. I’m going to do something else.