Tiësto Previews 5 Tracks From “Town Called Paradise”

While coming closer to his album’s release date, Tiesto had a chat with the legendary Annie Mac, where they discussed about the album’s title and on some of the enclosing collaborations.

He first starts by explaining the album title, “A Town Called Paradise”. He explains that the idea came from his experiences in the Heart of Sin City. Saying that Las Vegas is his own town called Paradise, and the title is some sort of tribute to it. He further explains that everyone practically has his own place called paradise, a place where they feel like home. And of course, his is nowhere else but Las Vegas.

When they started talking about the music, Tiesto stated: “It’s very different then anything I have done before. It’s more personal to what I am and what I’ve become over the years”. He says it will be more of a song-based album compared to his previous ones. The album is said to have had over 40 people helping with the creation of the album. From different songwriters to composers, the list just goes on and on. His statement on that is: “if you try to make it yourself, you can only go to a certain level, unless you’re a Mozart or a genius”. In other words, it makes a track even better, having many brains with different creativity working on it.

During the interview, Tiesto previewed and talked about some of the featuring tracks of the album.

The first one was his collab with DBX, called “Light Years Away”. He presents it as an epic track, where the vocals are said to be a 90’s inspired style.

The Second one was the song for the album title, “A Town Called Paradise”, featuring Zac Barnett from the American Authors. He says the inspiration for it came from his journeys throughout the world. Visiting one “Paradise” to another.

Third, was the massive collaboration with Hardwell, feat. Matthew Koma “Written In Reverse”. These lyrics where inspired by the times Tiesto wished he could go back in time to change some moments in his life. And this track is surely to be a chart topper.

The fourth track previewed was with Fred Falk, called “Calling On Angels”, feat. Elan Lea. Tiesto reveals us that it was based by his first Victoria’s Secret experience. With the girls walking by in front of him during the show, the title “Calling On Angels” quickly came in mind.

The last, but not least, was with Firebeatz, the track is titled “Last Train”, containing the beautiful vocals of Ladyhawke. The song strated of as a melody, after a long search for a vocalist, Tiesto had it handed over to Ladyhawke which he says is one of his favorite singers. And the result came to it’s perfection.