For me it all started with my good friend Connie Ksaizek introducing me to Tiesto’s music. She has always been a devout fan for as long as I can remember and soon enough I was to be a lifelong devout Tiesto fan. We had always talked about me attending a Tiesto event. For us there was nothing better than watching Tiesto’s sets on YouTube full screen with surround sound on in the living room. With music blasting we would dance the night away without a care in the world. The previous introduction to Club Life radio shows would say “Listen at high volumes preferably in a residential area.” That was exactly what we did and had occasional complaints about the music being too loud. We would laugh and of course turn it down a notch.

My very first Tiesto experience was at the Hakassan Las Vegas on 05-05-2013. We were calling it “Tiesto de Mayo.” I bought my tickets as soon as I saw he was beginning his residency there in May of 2013. I could not believe I was finally going to attend a Tiesto event. I was ecstatic, thrilled and knew this would be the beginning to more special times in my life to come.

I just remember that special day could not arrive quickly enough. I had never looked forward to something so much. When that day finally arrived I had a plan to arrive on time and of course dressed in my best. Every detail was planned to ensure this was a great experience. I felt indescribably happy and had that feeling that children get the night before going to Disneyland. I had this light inside me that was reflected with a genuine smile on my face.

When that day arrived he was set to go on stage at 12:30. I arrived upon opening at 9:45 at Hakassan, dragging Connie and the rest of us along with me to ensure we were early. Upon arrival we enjoyed some refreshing cocktails and I parked myself on the dance floor in heels standing there loyally waiting for roughly 3 hours for his appearance.

If I may add, standing in heels for extended periods of time is painful enough and Tiesto is the only man I have worn heels for, for nearly six hours dancing the night away. The pain did not matter. I didn’t care!

Patiently waiting, his time finally came to appear and adrenaline rushed through my body. Paradise was the opening song and I stood there with my heart fluttering waiting for the magic moment …

And so there he was with a contagious smile and a presence that impacted the room, but for me it was surreal. I had a sparkle to my soul and felt I really was in Paradise with Tiesto playing before my very eyes. The night began and I blissfully enjoyed the music by the man whose music filled my days and nights. His music brought my heart and soul euphoria and a joy I’ve never felt before. I had never felt so alive and happy before! His melody made me want to dance the night away smiling and live in this moment forever. I knew this is where I belonged and where I felt at home with my fellow Tiesto fans in the crowd. We owned the night! Nothing else mattered in those moments.


My second experience was in Scottsdale, Az in September 20th 2013. I remember I immediately bought the tickets upon seeing the announcement on I did not think or blink before I knew it I bought tickets. I surprised myself but never looked back.

The day of, it was a crowded event and with my daisies on my head, I made it to the front to see Tiesto again. I was closely and very tightly pressed up against the barrier from the swarms of people who wanted to be up there. I felt lucky to have made it so close. Although I was a bit sad I did not win the meet and greet but I was thankful to see him again and enjoy life in that very moment.

Just feeling the bass and melodies run through my veins gave me the same feeling I had at my first Tiesto event. With wide eyes gleaming with joy and love, I once again admirably looked up at the gentleman who has brought me such amazing moments in my life both at his events and simply by pressing play. I felt so alive and my heart was racing as he played his mix of “Burn” by Ellie Goulding the crowd went wild. Being so close I could feel the bass in my chest and my nose tickle. He blew me away that night just as he did the first time I saw him in concert.

My third concert and all less than a one year was at the Hakassan once again, I had to return. I knew at that point I was a lost cause looking for my next Tiesto event. Naturally the tickets were bought immediately and the way I spoke of his music made my family want to join, so they did. They were very pleased and enjoyed the show. They finally understood what I meant when I spoke so much of seeing Tiesto live. I felt happy that they could feel the same feeling I did. I feel I owed it to my family to feel the same joy and excitement I do. I always wish I could have my entire family feel this joy and have them all there once with me dancing the night away.

My most recent Tiesto event was in Chula Vista at the 933 Summer Kickoff. I saw the event posted from one day to the next and without hesitation, I bought the tickets and knew I had to go. It was a mere two and half hours away, how could I not attend?

It was enjoyable and again and the anticipation filled the days leading up with excitement. I was unable to win a meet and greet, because it was exclusively offered for California residents but this did not ruin my trip one bit. I was happy to once again be blessed with the experience of another Tiesto event.

So to Tijs, the man the world calls Tiesto, whether I am blessed to meet you or not in my lifetime, I humbly tell you, Thank You for bringing such joy to my life with your music. You’ve filled my days with soothing sounds during the daily work grind, powered my work outs, and have filled my nights with relaxation; you have also filled plenty of nights with dancing and laughter with great friends. Your music has been my sanctuary. You’ve given me memories no one can take away and are with me always through your music. Your music brings joy and peace to my heart, and I can always close my eyes with your music playing and remember the feeling I get being at your shows. I will always “dance4life” to your music and be a lifelong admirer of you and your true gift.

Whether I have the honor to meet you or not, just know that I will be somewhere in those large crowds with wide gleaming eyes enjoying some of the best moments of my life, because of you.