My story with Tiësto began August 13, 2004 at the opening ceremony of the summer olympic games in Athens. As I am a big fan of the opening ceremony of the olympic games, so I installed in front of television to follow the event. The time comes to the parade of the athletes, which is usually long and boring, but this time I was literally carried by the music. This is where the light bulb went on! This is exactly what I need!

A few months later I went into a record store and I see in the radius a Tiësto CD “DJ Tiësto live at Innercity”. Tiësto, this name means something to me … I listened to the CD and this is where it all really started. From that moment I started bought all the CD’s, DVD’s, T-shirts and all that relates to Tiësto.

Although the desire to see him live is increasingly present and this is where I see he comes in a festival in Belgium,July 27, 2006 (Suickerrock). I went to the festival and I spend a wonderful evening! Four hours of pure happiness that I will never forget! Since that da, I started to follow him whenever he came to Belgium and neighboring countries. It is also Tiësto gave me the taste and want to do many festivals and concerts with other great dj’s.

Since 2006, I have seen 33 times Tiësto in concerts, nightclubs and festivals in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Ibiza and Las Vegas.

Since the beginning, the desire to meet Tiësto was very hard! After several unsuccessful attempts (long waits at the end of shows, requests to his tour manager,…) Which nevertheless allowed me to meet and build friendships with other fans around Europe, there are a few months ago I decided to see him at his residency in Las Vegas (Hakkasan and Wet Republic). So, I contacted the marketing director of Hakkasan (Keith White) to organize a meet&greet with Tiësto. What was my surprise and immense joy when he accepted my request! So, I went to Las Vegas with another member of the group “Tiësto Belgium Fan”.

June 20th, 2014 … The day I will never forget!

At 12pm signing session where Tiësto has signed me his latest album “A town called Paradise” in the lobby of the MGM Grand Las Vegas. In the evening we had an appointment with Keith White for the meet&greet with Tiësto. At 9pm Keith picked us up at the Hakkasan restaurant and we got a very special treat with a visit to the Hakkasan, VIP areas, including behind the dj booth to finish in one of the sky box where we met Tiësto. At 0:15am Tiësto arrived, very elegant, we exchanged a few words, a few pictures and signed autographs to us … Unforgettable!

The story is far from over …

I really hope that one day I will have the opportunity to share a special moment with Tiësto (like a diner, a good time) where we can exchanged our views, our stories, … LOL Hope is life and I’m of the firm kind! LOL

FAN STORY by Cédric Carlier, Brussels, Belgium.