Today listening to Club Life radioshow in my headphones on my way somewhere is a usual activity to make the day brighter … Today I will definitely choose to spend my holidays going to the world`s EDM festivals and chasing amazing emotions rather than lying on the beach … Today Club Life is MY life …

But when did it all started?

For me this magical journey started quite a long time ago. It was a sunny summer day in my home town, Saint-Petersburg, where the open-air took place. At that time I was only 12 years old and fortunately got the chance to go to the event, which had posters hanging all over the city with the most recognizable name on them – Tiesto. I won`t spend too much time describing how I was getting ready to that open-air but I felt from the very beginning that it would be a really special occasion.
People were gathering on the big square under an open sky, listening to some DJs that were playing their warm-up sets. To be honest, I don`t remember much about those hours before the main set but I can definitely say that everyone was ready to enjoy every minute! And than it all began!
All the lights went crazy, new track got louder&louder and finally enormous screens showed us the face of the person who I am proud of every day. «Please welcome…TIESTO» announced a strong voice and that was the start of the madness! I think I will be grateful for those hours during my whole life because they changed everything for a little girl. I was so impressed by his actions that I completely forgot about tiredness, forgot about the world around, it was only music that mattered. And, of course, the man who controlled every sound was the most important person for thousands of eyes shining with joy.
Exactly during that first set I realized how special Tijs became to me. And all these years I knew that the reason for those emotions was not in his fame, not in his high positions in the DJ polls, not in his high status. The thing that differs him from anyone else is that Tijs showed me the life with the best emotions, taught to see beautiful things around me and brought music that can save from literally everything. I am sure I am not exaggerating when I say that it was his feat for me, his gift that changed my destiny. The feeling of happiness can easily be the dream for many people all over the world. But for me it became a reality, I found the way how to feel it, I became happy and I am still a happy person. What can be a better gift?
Telling all my wonderful memories can create a never-ending story, but there were some really «big» moments in my life that are connected with Tiesto and are worth sharing with everyone, who is interested in them. It is obvious that I continued to learn more about him, I started listening to the EDM music every day, finding all that I needed in those tracks. As I was becoming older, I visited more and more different events with famous names or some unknown ones, I travelled abroad taking part in awesome shows, raves and festivals and went to small parties to enjoy classical trance sounds. This music industry came to my life and really became a big part of it!
But I never forget about the person who stands out from the crowd. Tiesto`s events were like a tradition in the end of every summer but I tried to catch every chance to see his performance somewhere else. One of them took place in Helsinki, Finland and seemed to be a disaster in the beginning. It was so crowded by the time of the headliners` sets and this crowd of people went crazy in the negative meaning of this word. When I heard the sounds of Tiesto`s stunning intro, I have already regretted that I was standing in the first row because it was almost impossible to move or even to breath. After an hour in this position I tried very hard and finally could go out from the huddle. Of course, I was very sorry to see Tijs playing so far away but I decided to enjoy the music anyway and not to let these people spoil my beautiful day. And it was really beautiful, because after the set Tijs went down from the stage and saw me standing with flag laterally. How I was surprised when he came to give me an autograph! I just could not believe my eyes or believe in what was happening – I saw this special man so close, not far away on the stage as it was before. A photo of that moment showed that it was life, not a miracle!
Some weeks later Tijs returned to Saint-Petersburg and I was lucky again! Organizers of the event gave me an amazing opportunity to see him and to talk for some time and it seemed like a real magic. I had enough time to give him my flowers and a letter, and also to say how I am grateful to him. Honestly, those minutes lasted for a long long time for me, I felt blessed to spend my time with such an open-hearted person. I keep all these beautiful moments in my soul and their amount is growing and growing day by day! As it is written on my flag – «I wish it was Forever Today».
It is hard to describe the emotions that are so strong but everyone who felt the same will understand me completely. In December 2013, I was the happiest girl in the club in Moscow listening to Tiesto`s music and enjoying the time with him-Tijs on the stage, I am on the dance floor. It was already morning and he wrote something on his headphones to throw them in the crowd. He came closer to the end of the stage and I gave him my flowers, that are always the sign to show how grateful I am. With a beautiful smile Tijs was giving me his headphones with my name on them, I could not believe my eyes again…But yes, that happened, and we were both so happy! Tijs went away with the appreciation in his eyes, I stayed ,surrounded by the people congratulating me, in tears. He completely filled me with happiness as he always does, it still shines in my heart.
So I want to thank everybody who read my story till the end, it was very difficult to express everything that I feel in the simple text. I wish everyone to have such source of energy and happiness that does everything around you better. I wish to have such person whose actions can help you to solve every problem, to face all the challenges, to feel that your future is going to be even brighter!

I am thankful to Tijs for being this person.

FAN STORY by Maria Rogova, Saint Petersburg, Russia