Fan Story, Olivia Ramirez Houston Texas

When I was 10 years old I started listening to the greatest DJ in the world, and it all started one day when I was with my dad listening to Sirius XM Radio when BPM was on 81 and that day was the day that I found the music that fit my personality and described who I was, and till this day I still listen to trance, house, techno, electronic, all that good stuff and I’m 20 years old My junior year I had to do a project and I did it on Tiesto and my teacher didn’t know about him until I told him who he was and everything, its cool to tell people about a legend in music that you’ve listened to almost your whole life.

I call Tiesto my husband lol my boyfriend would get mad sometimes but i thought it was cute but in my dreams he is haha, everyone knows how much I love Tiesto and how much him and his music means so much to me. He’s all I would talk about and still do. My dream was to see Tiesto in concert it didn’t matter which concert it was, as long as I got to see him my dream would come true and it literally did. Around Christmas break of 2012 when the tickets came out for UME at South Padre Island my moms company paid for my ticket to see him. Honestly that was the best Christmas/birthday gift I’ve ever gotten from my mom, she knew how much I’ve been wanting to see him, and I finally did and my boyfriend also made it come true Basically my life revolves around him and my love, his music I will cherish forever, all I listen to is my music on my phone which has amazing songs on there from every DJ that I have listened to when i was young. I don’t listen to the radio anymore because to me that’s not music anymore, music nowadays are ridiculous, you can write and sing about almost anything, but with Tiesto and his music along with other fantastic DJ’s in this genre its so much different, their music comes from within and when you listen to it you can feel it with your heart and soul where their music came from, yeah people say all you do is push buttons and all of that but its so much more!! And ignorant people will never understand and will never be in their shoes to experience what Tiesto and every DJ out there goes thru to make and prodce this kind of music. Tiesto will never be replaced, he will always be the trance god, a legend in music