It was a beautiful evening, on a Sunday, in the month of July 1999. I was searching for some really cool tracks. As the next day came, it was my birthday. It was the 5th of July. One of my friends had bought a CD of In search of Sunrise by Tiësto. I heard it and love it… That was the time I got to know about Tiësto. And as I liked his music, I started following him. Initially I wasn’t so curious, but used to keep updated on him. But now, I am a great follower & fan of Tiësto. I started following Tiësto in 1999. And since the day I heard him for the very first time, every minute or every single time I heard him or saw his picture I started to have this great idea in my head. Or more like the greatest dream of my life. It was to ” Meet Tiësto “. Internet was not that famous in that time and I was not that familiar with Internet. We had these Internet/ Cyber cafes where we got to surf the Internet on hourly basis. I started going there and getting a hang of it. That is when my passion for Tiësto took a spark in my heart. I used to go there very often. And then, there was no stopping me from there. After like around 10 years, in 2009, I got inspired and thought to become a dj myself. The only way that idea came to my mind was the inspiration of Tiësto. I joined Dj classes at ” Decibels Denon Dj Academy ” and yessss I became a Dj. At first, I started playing in small clubs. And as the days passed by, I kept on passing my Love, Passion and Respect for Tiësto. I kept on increasing to the peak. And I always had this thought in my mind, that will I ever meet this legend??
Somewhere, I heard about the subconscious mind, and I started following it. I had a Tiësto poster in my bedroom & everyday I looked at it, and dreamed, prayed to God, to please, make my dream of meeting Tiësto become true. I went through a lot of ups and downs in my life, but never stopped following him. I had a lot of posters of Tiësto in my bedroom, Printed T- Shirts which named Tiësto or had Tiësto logo on it. And on a fine day, while I was playing at a Club called Club Miami, the Hospitality president of that club walked in, and appreciated my set. We even had exchanged our numbers. He was a person at a big position at the Club. Club Miami was in a Hotel called, J W Marriott Pune, which is managed by Panchashil group in Pune – India. I kept a constant follow up with him to get more work and opportunities. And one day, he asked me to meet him at his residence. His name was Mr. Ranjit Batra. He called me and said, drop into my house. I was super excited and went there. We started discussing about music & djing, and then he came up with this question that how did I get into Djing. And that’s where I started talking about Tiësto. And trust me, I spoke about Tiësto for minimum of 2 hours and that is when he noticed that I am a big big fan and follower of Tiësto. In the meanwhile Tiësto’s India tour was announced by Sunburn, and I was like yessssssssss, this is it. I had that thing going on in my head that this is it… This is the only time where I can actually make my greatest dream come true…. I will witness the legend live, which I have been listening and atching online for around 14 years and then Mr. Ranjit Batra asked me if I am going to Tiësto’s concert. And my reply was ” Of course, yes ” I mean what more would I need?? And looking at my passion and devotion for him, I think he got impressed and picked his phone and made a call to Mr. Kunal Kambhati. He is the Marketing & Content Head for Sunburn. I didn’t know whom was he talking to and started saying there is this guy called Dj Oscar, he is a mad guy & mad for Tiësto and meeting Tiësto is his greatest dream of his life & he really wants to meet Tiësto. He shared Mr. Kunal Kambhati’s number with me and again I started keeping a follow up with him continually. He said, I would try 100 % to make your dream come true. And on the other side I started looking for options, where if requested, I would get a permission to meet him. But mostly everywhere I went, all I got is insulted. Friends started saying ” He has better things to do then meet you and blah blah blah “. The concert date for Mumbai was the 29th of March 2013. And I went to Mumbai on the 26th of March. Like 3 days before the concert, due to excitement. The day came when I reached the venue with my fiancé, Kashyata, to see the God, live on his decks. The opening act started, but frankly I wasn’t much bothered about it, as I wanted to see Tiësto and couldn’t think of anything else. And then a moment came when the sound stopped. The stage was blacked out… And Chasing Summers started playing… And I was like OH MY GOD… and my eyes were right at the console and i could see a black shadow there, and then lights were on, and there it was. My dream, My God, Tiëstooooo playing live and loud. I was raving with tears in my eyes. Meanwhile, I saw Kelly Kob, Tiësto’s tour manager in near the backstage entrance, and I went ahead and started talking to him. I literally begged him, to let me meet Tiësto. But he wasn’t convinced. But in the other hand, I was still happy that I met Kelly. But then he took off. During the concert, I was also in touch with Mr. Kunal Kambhati over the phone. And as Tiësto dropped Maximal Crazy I get a message from him saying come at the left side of the stage. And I was like, wohooooooo I’m going to meet Tiësto… there were around 20 000 people, and i was on the opposite side of the stage. By the time the track was about the finish, I reached to the left side of the stage… but I got a text saying the meet and greet is at Hotel Shringla. I ran there, and tried to get a cab as the hotel was like 2 to 3 kms away from the concert. But I didn’t get any cab. So I kept on running along with my fiancé and reached the Hotel. But then again they said it has been postponed to tomorrow morning at 9am. But I still didn’t loose hope. And was waiting at the hotel’s restaurant at 3 am in the morning. As I thought he might come down for his dinner and I could meet him then. But he did not show up. So we went to our hotel where we were staying, and I was back to Hotel Shangri-La at 7:30 am, as excitement didn’t let me sleep. And at around 9:15 am, a guy came running to the cabin where we few fans were sitting. He said that he is coming. And as I saw him, I started shouting: Tiëstooooo Tiëstooooooooooo. And jumping around. And yesssssssssssss I saw him…. I actually saw Tiësto right in front of my eyes and for few seconds my life was paused and I was like… I cannot express what I went through that time… My dream, which I carried from 14 long years came true…I was in tears, I was happy. Emotional in fact, mixed emotions. That is it really happening that the person I have been thinking, watching, listening & following for the past 14 years is right in front of my eyes…. I hugged him twice to reconfirm weather this really happening or am I dreaming… But that was really happening. I was jumping all around the room in which I met him dancing… I hugged him, and spoke to him. He is a man that is really down to earth. I had a lot of things that I wanted to tell and share with Tiësto, But I was speechless in front of him. I took his autograph on my laptop and then on my T- Shirt. Which had Tiësto’s photo and Club Life logo. And then he left… I couldn’t believe that I had actually met Tiësto…. I had silence in my heart, like peace, I wasn’t bothered with what was happening around and was just smiling and listening to the track ” Get Loose ” and crying….