If you remember there was a contest to get married by Tiesto and of course only one couple won it but we wanted to share another amazing love story that did not win but it just cannot be left aside because these people only got together because of Tiesto! This story is from Tricia Eddaih.

On October 26, 2014 I attended the “Something Wicked” concert here in Houston, Tx, USA. I was crazy excited because one of my favorite DJs, Tiësto, was the headliner. I’ve loved dance and trance and techno music since I was in college. I even wanted to be a dj at one point and bought a lot of records. Tiësto was always one of my favorites because his music just makes you feel good. He was actually scheduled to be at the Something Wicked show here in Houston in 2012, but because of a back injury he did not come. This year (2013) I was super excited because I really wanted to see him. I could not see him the last two times he came to Houston or Austin because I had surgery and I was really sick. I usually go to DJ events every weekend if there is a good DJ in town. Most of the events are held at a local venue called Stereo Live. Sometimes I will drive to Austin or San Antonio and even drove to El Paso for these events.  I went to TomorrowWorld to see Tiësto and Ferry Corsten and many other awesome djs in September 2013. That was my longest drive but worth it because I got to see Tiësto. I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is to see him live. He is so awesome with the style and how he moves when he mixes up the songs and he is sooo talented. So, when he came to Something Wicked here in Houston I had to make my way to the front with my BFF Daisy (it was her birthday). I had tweeted him on twitter and messaged him on Facebook too that my Halloween costume was a Tiësto costume. I wanted him to recognize me. I also have a Tiësto tattoo on my back. It is the only tattoo I have and I’ve been tweeting to him for three years pictures of my tattoo. It was so important to me to get to the front so I could see him up close. I got all the way up by showing people my tattoo and everyone let me through and was really nice about it. There were about 12k people there so it was pretty tough. I made it all the way up until Taha. He was in the very front center. In the middle of the crowd was a walkway blocked off for photographers. He was on the left side in the front next to the middle. I remember he looked back at me once I was behind him and smiled. Right away I thought oh my gosh this man is gorgeous!!!!! After a few songs he looked back at me and said “do you like I put you on my shoulders?” I laughed and said “no it’s ok Ty so much.” but I hugged him and thought that was so sweet. I was in a great spot because I was able to lean over the rail to my right and take great pictures. It’s funny now because Taha’s arms and back of his head are in most of my pictures lol. After a couple more songs he asked if I wanted to get next to him and be in front. I was like omgosh yes!!!!!! Tytyty! He said something about how he couldn’t wait for “Take Me” and I replied “yes me too, and Adagio!!!!!” It was amazing Taha sang all the words with me. And omg his smile was amazing!!!!! He smiled at me the whole time. He loved my costume too. It was so funny because at one point Tiësto points at me and smiled. I was going crazy and said “did you see that?” and he said “no he was pointing at me” I laughed and replied “noooooo it was me: and he replied “I know” and we laughed. When Adagio came on it was insane. I’ll never forget looking into Taha’s eyes at this moment. It was amazing seeing Tiësto in the front like that. There were fireworks and lights and huge LED screens displaying the Tiësto logo and other pretty visuals.  At the end of the show I asked Taha if he was going to the after party and he said yes but I never found him it was really packed. A few days after the concert, Tiësto posted pics on his Facebook. We tagged ourselves and ended up meeting each other again and started dating. I cannot believe that I found someone who loves Tiësto and EDM as much as I do. I remember at one point him telling me he wanted to go back to Morocco. He wanted me to help him sell his ticket to the next event since he couldn’t go. That night however, the night of the show, he showed up at the concert!!! I’ll never EVER forget that big smile I saw on his face as I looked over to my left and saw him make his way towards me through the crowd. He says I’m not like any other woman he has ever met.  He always says to me I’m crazy and that’s why he loves me. It’s so cute. I’ve never met a man who always smiles and jokes around like he does. He’s just like me but male. It’s awesome. It’s like he is too good to be true. I promise sometimes I think my recently deceased grandparents sent him to me.  Both of my grandparents and my dad are alumni of the University of Texas. Funny thing is Taha LOVES UT. He saw Tiësto wear UT clothing apparel and ever since he thinks of UT as his school. To me Taha is perfect in every way. If you could define soul mate this is clearly it. After Christmas I knew I loved this man and he was destined to be my forever mate.  So at this point we decided we should get married. I joked about when he would propose to me because I wanted to be engaged to him. He told me he was waiting for Ferry Corsten because Ferry was coming to Stereo Live Feb 8 and he knows that Ferry is one of my favorite DJs. Taha asked Ferry ahead of time to play “Made of Love” so that he could propose to me during the song. It was so special because Taha told me he wanted to propose to me at Stereo Live because it was like our second-home. Hearing the music we love; to one of our favorite DJs; to one of the most beautiful songs about love; at our favorite place. It was so incredibly romantic and beautiful and touching it was just so amazing.   After the concert Ferry stayed after the show for some autographs and we pushed our way up to the front and we were introduced to Ferry. I told him that I was Tricia. And he replied “I know who you are your Tiësto tattoo girl.” I told him thank you so much for playing “Made of Love” and that Taha had proposed to me and he hugged us both and we got pictures together. I posted a picture of us with the engagement ring on Ferry Corsten’s Instagram and he told us congratulations. We then decided we wanted to get married before he went back home to Morocco. Taha said it would be great if we could do it on the 23rd because both of our birthdays fall on the 23rd of July and August.  A little over a week away from the wedding was Valentine’s Day. For Valentines I found an online E-card that had a picture of Tiësto on it and it said “We could just run them Red Lights Valentine”. Shortly thereafter my husband said to me “baby this pic in Morocco 2011 escape music festival.” Tiësto has only been to Morocco two times (Marrakech) and one of those times was in 2011. Taha was at that show in 2011. And of all the pictures of Tiësto and all the thousands of cities that he’s been to over the past couple of decades the one picture that I choose is from when Tiësto was in Morocco. Red Lights is Tiësto’s newest most awesome song that we both love dearly.  What’s even more amazing is that Tiësto decided to release that song’s remixes on our wedding day.  The icing on the cake is this though. On February 18 Tiësto re-tweeted my tweet to him and followed up with congratulations and just before that he had made a tweet about red lights.   I have tweeted him for the last three years about my tattoo hoping to get some recognition from him but not once did he ever respond, so this was SO AWESOME!  My tweet to him was “@Tiësto thank you for bringing us together. We met at your show in Houston. We are married Sunday #TiëstoFamily”.   When I called Taha and told him about this he could not believe it. I’m still in shock actually. Tiësto has almost 17 million followers on Facebook and 2.6 million on twitter.  To get a response from him was phenomenal.   At the wedding we had a DJ play mostly Tiësto because we had a Tiësto themed wedding.   I also had little stickers made with our names and our wedding date on them with the Tiësto logo. I also had a big banner made with the Tiësto logo on it so that we could be married in front of it.   I also found some little tuxedo and wedding dress gift boxes and added glow sticks and LED flashy rings with lights and put the stickers on them.  We did the grooms cake with the Tiësto logo on it too.  I also had some of our pictures printed up from my camera and put them around the room including the one from Tiësto’s Facebook page when I am hugging him. I blew it up into 8 x 10 and put it above our guestbook.  This picture is both of our favorites because it’s a picture of us the day we met. Right after he asked me if I wanted to go on his shoulders, I had replied “no thank you so much” and gave him a big hug and then BOOM our picture was taken.  How amazing is that? I also had a violin player to surprise Taha and had him play Adagio for Strings as I came down the aisle.   I took my Tiësto Stockholm club life vol 3 poster and had it framed and hung up on the wall where we were married and also put out our Tiësto cuffs on display too lol. And of course, we wore our Tiësto kandi during the wedding. All my friends decorated my car with the white chalk and it had Tiësto stuff everywhere. Taha is my other half that I’ve been searching for my entire life. He’s the reason that I’m alive. He’s what I can’t live without.   The man I married is not only my soulmate but also a huge fan of Tiësto like I am. It’s so unbelievable. He has every Tiësto shirt and some signed CDs. We both hope one day to meet Tiësto in person and when Taha comes hone from Morocco we will go to Las Vegas where Tiësto has a residency at the Hakassan in Las Vegas.  I pray that Tiësto will get to see my tattoo and hopefully I can get him to sign it. I would love to surprise Taha with a renewal of our vows by Tiësto. I know it’s a little crazy and I know that he has a lot of fans out there but we found each other because of Tiësto and we will forever love him for this because fate brought us together and I found my soulmate through Tiësto.