gouryella2The ‘Gouryella’ project is a collaboration between Dutch producers Ferry Corsten and Tijs Verwest, who’s better known as DJ Tiësto. It is probably one of the most well known collaborations ever in the world of Electronic Dance Music. In May 1999 the Dutch ‘Tsunami’ label released their first ‘Gouryella’ track, which was also called ‘Gouryella’. On this vinyl (TSU 6009) were 2 tracks: ‘Gouryella’ on the A side and ‘Gorella’ on side B. It was the very first time ever that Ferry and Tijs worked together on a track and not without success! The epic trance production became a huge hit in the dance charts all around the world and in the clubs as well!

After the success of the first vinyl release, a remix vinyl was released on ‘Tsunami’ later. ‘Gouryella’ was remixed by Armin van Buuren and also Colin Tevendale and Stuart Crichton did a remix under their ‘Gigolo’ alias. A CD released followed as well and furthermore the track got released in several other countries as well. There was even a video clip made of the track. On July 7 1999 Ferry and Tijs both received a golden record for the release of the first ‘Gouryella’ track!

‘Gouryella – Gouryella’ is still one of the most famous trance classics ever! After this first release Ferry and Tijs also released ‘Walhalla’ and ‘Tenshi’ under the ‘Gouryella’ alias. And on the Black Hole Recordings label, they released the track ‘We Came’ (+ ‘Dreamtime’) under the ‘Vimana’ alias. Ferry also released ‘Gouryella – Ligaya’, but that was without Tiësto. So far these are the only ‘Gouryella’ releases ever, but … you never know what’s going to happen in the future …


When Ferry was playing at Gatecrasher Ice in Nottingham, he was playing ‘Gouryella – Gouryella’ as last track in his set. Tiësto was there as well, since he had to play after Ferry as well. He came on stage during the track and there is a video available of this as well:

A very cool interview Ferry did together with Tiësto back in 1999, when they were rising stars under the famous Gouryella alias! They explain how they met, what their goals are and more…