Dear Tiësto,

There are a few things we would love to wish you on Your Birthday:

To begin with, we wish you an outstanding and fabulous birthday celebration, just go Maximal Crazy! We wish you to keep every little moment that made you sincerely happy in your heart, because these moments are essential Elements Of Life. We wish you to have all your true friends around you, and never lose them because Who Wants To Be Alone? We wish you to have more and more passionate fans, so that every show you play would be like Paradise! We wish you to be on the dance music summit for a Century or even Eternity! We wish you to Just Be yourself, and never change, because we love your personality. And even if you felt for a second, that your fans were fading away because of your new style, do not worry because Love Comes Again and fans come back with even bigger love. We wish that every new track you make, will be beautiful and magical, like these Ten Seconds Before Sunrise. We wish you to leave your Footprints All Over The World, with huge shows and let no Red Lights stop you. We wish you to find inspiration in Everything, but whenever you feel like you cannot find it, just take Flight 643 or a Ride in a Suburban Train to find it again, in some random place that you have never been before. We wish you to never forget from what and where everything started, and never forget Zero 76 and that Long Way Home. And last but not least, Work Hard, Play Hard! Hell Yeah!

Your Maximal Crazy Fans!