Tiësto is so busy with his work in studio and always moving with performances across the globe, that when the time comes for relaxation, he doesn’t know what to do. The world famous DJ will soon have a long holiday for the first time in several years.

First month of 2011, is going to be free for the world famous DJ, and as Tijs himself tells: “It’s the first time in years”. “When I’m free for couple of days I don’t know what to do. And now I will have an entire month!”

Tiësto, not so long time ago had very busy summer with Kaleidoscope World Tour and his weekly Monday residency at Privilege. “I’m now more relaxed, but still have a lot of studio work to do. But if I have free time in Ibiza, I always go out. For example, not so long ago I visited Carl Cox gig.” Before Tiësto will have his long waited holiday, he still has United States and Australia to visit.

According to the DJ, because of his busy life it’s almost impossible to maintain a relationship. Tiësto prefers to stay single : ”After my last relationship, I decided to stay single. That’s a lot easier.”

Here are the highlights from our trip to Ibiza with Tiësto, the EU Ambassador for DJ Hero 2.