In The Booth Season 2: My New Home – Hakkasan (Ep. 1)

With a new residency at MGM’s mega club, Hakkasan, Tiësto can finally call Las Vegas home. From an exclusive tour of his luxurious digs to a behind-the-scenes look at his new production and sound, we kick off season 2 of ‘In The Booth’ getting to know the super star better than ever before.

In The Booth Season 2: The Wedding (Ep. 2)

Always excited to try new things and go where no DJ has gone before, Tiësto decides to become an ordained minister, so that we can marry a winning couple in the city most infamous for extraordinary weddings, Las Vegas!

In The Booth Season 2: My Stockholm (Ep. 3)

Tiësto gives us a tour of one of his favorite cities in the world and the namesake of Club Life Volume 3, Stockholm. From his favorite places to eat and party, to his love for Stockholm’s art and culture, Tiësto gives us the inside scoop on Stockholm and why it is has served as such an inspirational place for him and his music.

In The Booth Season 2: Exploring London’s Underground (Ep. 4)

In Season 2 of ‘In The Booth,’ Tiësto is pushing beyond limits and has enlisted 3 lucky fans to help him explore all that the underground of London has to offer. Before taking the stage at EDC London, Tiësto explores the street art of Shoreditch, the hotspots for shopping, a unique British dinner, and one of world’s most infamous night clubs.

In The Booth Season 2: Behind My Music (Ep. 5)

Behind Tiësto’s music is a great deal of hard work, artistry, collaboration and business. Tiësto invites us into his studio and provides us with an intimate look into all the madness that goes into creating his new album. As a leader, mentorship is very important to Tiësto, so he closes the episode supporting his good friend and partner Danny Avila at Hakkasan.

In The Booth Season 2: Pushing Beyond Limits (Ep. 6)

Whether it’s in his music, his business or his personal life, Tiësto is always pushing himself beyond limits. In this episode Tiesto continues to do just that when he takes to the Vegas race tracks and drives full speed in several different exotic cars.

In The Booth Season 2: NYC Then & Now (Ep. 7)

In Episode 7 Tiesto gives us a glimpse into how the city of NYC shaped his career and his transformation from an underground DJ to the superstar he is today. He concludes the episode with a massive Halloween set at the new Tao NYC.

In The Booth Season 2: Exploring Asia (Ep. 8)

In Episode 8 of ‘In The Booth’ Tiesto takes Asia by storm! He plays a set at one of the tallest buildings in Taipei before he, Danny Avila and DJ Tiger Lilly embark on an Asia tour, performing for thousands of fans and experimenting with local food.

In The Booth Season 2: Mini-Movie (Ep. 9)

Get a sneak peak at the making of the Acer brand film, starring Tiesto in Episode 9 of ‘In The Booth’. From riding in helicopters and mingling with models to crowd-surfing over thousands of fans, Tiesto takes it to the next level in his first acting role.

In The Booth Season 2: Coming Home NYC (Ep. 10)

Tiesto has chosen to settle down in New York City and plants his roots in town by looking for an apartment to call home, shopping at his favorite store and playing a set at Lavo. He wraps up episode 10 and Season 2 of ‘In The Booth’ with an incredible set at Electric Zoo.