New exclusive behind the scenes series will be available this fall.

“In the Booth” will consist of 15 episodes, each approximately 5-7 minutes in length, and will reveal how Tiësto’s passion for music and live performance has made him a global phenomenon, chronicling the events, promoters, preparations and how each show ultimately comes together. From Las Vegas to Ibiza, fans will have the ultimate insider access to Tiësto’s world — backstage, onstage and moments right before he hits the decks in front of thousands of fans — plus exclusive Tiësto commentary and personal insight into the experience, the venues, festivals and big nights in the world’s most exclusive parties and nightclubs.

“I am really excited to be producing my own show, and for the first time my fans will be able to truly experience all that happens on tour and behind-the-scenes,” said Tiësto.

Fans can expect to see footage of Tiësto from Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, his recent (and future) engagements in Las Vegas, the DJ pleasing fans in Ibiza and even candid in-the-studio moments captured exclusively.

“There will be some really unique opportunities for fans to engage with the production of the content overall,” teased Masterson of the new series, which has been in production since earlier this year.