Michael Feiner

‘All my life I`ve been into music and producing…»

A great voice that is also known for one of the biggest hits «Together» has already impressed the fans of electronic music all over the world. A successful singer and songwriter, Michael Feiner agreed to have a conversation specially for tiestoblog.com about his own career and the release that is coming up soon.

TIESTOBLOG: To start with, in the beginning of your career you played as a saxophonist. Why did you choose to work with the EDM styles after that?

Michael: All my life I’ve been into music and producing, and I started early on playing both saxophone and piano and also singing and writing songs. Coming into club music and EDM was a natural progression when I started to play saxophone on clubs and DJ’ing in the late 90’s. I started to produce house tracks and also wrote pop songs along with it. I wanted to bring my own music to my DJ sets so that I could play some tracks with live saxophone in my sets. After that I formed a band called The Attic together with Eric Amarillo which was pop with a dance beat before the term EDM got formed. We wrote songs and produced our music together and I was the lead singer. After The Attic I started working with many other DJs and did a lot of toplines which I sang along with my solo career as a DJ/producer. Nowadays I work mostly with my own tracks and I also have a collaboration as “Michael Feiner & Caisa” together with a girl called Caisa. In my DJ sets she joins singing live and I sing some of my tracks live too and I still play saxophone live in my sets, so there’s a lot of things happening. We’ve released two singles so far and our third single “Save Me” is just on it’s way out now. Really exciting times with lots of new music to be released this year!

TB: We all know your voice from the greatest hit “Together” with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso. How did you team up with these guys?

M: We had some mutual friends that suggested that we should team up, so I got contacted by Axwell and he asked me and Eric Amarillo to write lyrics and melody on a track that he and Sebastian Ingrosso had been working on. We wrote and recorded the vocals with my voice and they liked it and released it as the first release on Axwell’s new label Axtone. The track is almost like a classic today hahaha.

TB: Do you write the lyrics yourself? Is it difficult to catch some inspiration or the right words come to your mind quickly?

M: Yes I write the lyrics myself if I’m working on my own tracks and toplines. But in the case of my collaboration with Caisa, since she is a singer, she writes almost all the lyrics on our tracks but we write the melodies together. Inspiration comes easy to me with music, but when it comes to words it is more to workout and it both has to fit the right mood of the song as well as sounding right for each note I sing. So it’s a bit of a puzzle to solve that can take some time to complete sometimes.

We Will Recover …


TB: Coming back to today`s discussions, everyone is interested in the release that is coming up. “We will Recover” has already amazed thousands of listeners. How did the work on this track started and when?

M: Yes I’m really excited about that release too! I met Kaaze a few years back at a party and he said he would love to work with me at some point. We kept in touch and then he sent me this track and asked me if I could write something on it. I say no to a lot of tracks being sent to me since I also produce and DJ – and have a lot of my own tracks to finish, but in this case I liked the track so I did it!

TB: Tell us, please, more  about the process of writing this track. Were you working together with Kaaze in the studio or remotely?

M: I wrote the melody and lyrics by myself in my studio and recorded my vocals there too. Then Kaaze and I met up together and did some small adjustments for the mix.

TB: And finally, when are you planning to release it as a single?

M: I think the single will be out soon!

Thank you, Michael, for telling us all of this exciting facts!
Interview by Maria Rogova

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