“Zero 76”, currently #1 at Beatport, is the euphoric new anthem by Tiësto and Hardwell out now on new label Musical Freedom. Named after the 076 area code of Breda where both producers were born and raised, after garnering massive attention at festivals, it has finally been released and shot to the #1 spot straight away.

Love for Breda is felt in the DJs’ hometown, and mutual support with Breda’s soccer team. This weekend the athletes played the track “Zero 76” in the stadium before the game, and Tiësto showed his support last week on twitter, “At the next soccer game of my team NAC Breda they are gonna play the Breda anthem Zero 76 by Hardwell and Tiësto..so awesome!”

Tiësto & Hardwell – Zero 76 (Official Music Video)

Hardwell was named Best New Electro House DJ by French dance magazine For DJs Only in 2010, at 22 years old representing the new generation of Dutch DJ-producers. He will be opening for Tiësto during his Canada – USA tour in 2011, likely Ibiza in the summer, and hopefully in hometown Breda soon as well.

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of “Zero 76” be sure to check it out at Beatport: