Tiësto – Red Lights
Tiësto – Footprints (feat. Cruickshank)
Tiësto – Light Years Away (feat. DBX)
Tiësto – A Town Called Paradise (feat. Zac Barnett from American Authors)
Tiësto – Written In Reverse (feat. Matthew Koma) (with Hardwell)
Tiësto – Echoes (feat. Andreas Moe)
Tiësto – Last Train (feat. Ladyhawke) (with Firebeatz)
Tiësto – Wasted (feat. Matthew Koma)
Tiësto – Let’s Go (feat. Icona Pop)
Tiësto – The Feeling (feat. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool)
Tiësto – Shimmer (feat. Christian Burns)
Tiësto – Rocky (with Kaaze)
Tiësto – Close to Me (feat. Quilla) (with Sultan & Shepard)
Tiësto – Set Yourself Free (feat. Krewella)

2014 Hardwell & Tiesto Feat. Andreas Moe – Colors


2013 Tiësto – Aspire (Original Mix)
2013 Tiësto – Red Lights
2013 TST & Alvaro – Out Of Control
2013 Tiësto & Dyro – Paradise
2013 Tiesto ft. Kyler England – Take Me
2013 Tiësto, Mark Alston, Baggi Begovic & Jason Taylor – Love and Run ft. Teddy Geiger
2013 Tiësto & DJ Punish – Shocker
2013 Tiësto & MOTi – Back To The Acid
2013 Tiësto feat. Disco Fries – iTrance
2013 Tiësto & Nari & Milani vs Delayers – Move To The Rhythm


2012 Tiësto & Allure – Pair Of Dice
2012 “Chasing Summers”
2012 “Miami” (Unreleased Track)
2012 “We Own The Night” (with “Wolfgang Gartner”) (featuring “Luciana”)
2012 “Make Some Noise” (with “Swanky tunes”)(featuring “Feat Ben McInerney of New Navy”)
2012 “Hell Yeah!” (with “Showtek”)


AN21, Max Vangeli & Tiësto – People of The Night
Steve Aoki & Tiësto – Tornado
Tiësto & Hardwell – Zero 76
Tiësto vs Marcel Woods – Don’t Ditch
Tiësto & Mark Knight feat. Dino – Beautiful World
Tiësto vs. Diplo feat. Busta Rhymes – C’mon (Catch’Em By Surprise)


Tiësto – Speed Rail
Allure – Ever Enough
Tiësto – Bombage
Tiësto feat. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard
Tiësto feat. Nina Diaz – In Your Mind
Tiësto – I Miss You
Tiësto – In My Memory (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto – Just Be (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto – No Memory From Yesterday
Tiësto & Diplo – Come On
Tiësto &. BLK JKS – Mashup Street
Kaskade & Tiësto feat. Haley – Only You
Tiësto vs. BLK LKS – Dreaming


Tiësto – Organised Chaos
Tiësto – Bad Behaviour (featuring Dizzee Rascal)
Tiësto – Always Near
Tiësto – Bend It Like You Don’t Care
Tiësto feat. Calvin Harris – Century
Tiësto feat. CC Sheffield – Escape Me
Tiësto feat. Tegan and Sara – Feel It in My Bones
Tiësto feat. Cary Brothers – Here on Earth
Tiësto feat. Priscilla Ahn – I Am Strong
Tiësto feat. Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Original Mix) unreleased
Tiësto feat. Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto feat. Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Tiësto Instrumental Mix)
Tiësto feat. Kele Okereke – It’s Not the Things You Say
Tiësto feat. Jonsi – Kaleidoscope
Tiësto feat. Emily Haines – Knock You Out
Tiësto feat. Nelly Furtado – Who Wants to Be Alon
Tiësto feat. Kianna – You Are My Diamond
Tiësto – Fresh Fruit
Tiësto – LA Ride
Tiësto – Louder Than Boom
Tiësto – Surrounded by Light


Allure feat. Christian Burns – Power Of You
Allure feat. Christian Burns – Power Of You (Tiësto Edit)
Steve Forte Rio feat. JES – Blossom (Lounge Mix)
Tiësto – Global Harmony (Coca Cola Track)
Tiësto – FT Metropole Orkest Traffic
Tiësto – In The Dark (Live Vocals Performed By Christian Burns)


Allure feat. Julie Thompson – Somewhere Inside
Clear View feat. Jessica – Tell Me
Jedidja – Dancing Water
Steve Forte Rio – A New Dawn
Steve Forte Rio – A New Dawn (Extended Mix)
Tiësto feat. BT – Break My Fall (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Bright Morningstar
Tiësto – Carpe Noctum (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Carpe Noctum (Fire Element Mix)
Tiësto – Dance4Life (Berlin Edit)
Tiësto feat. Julie Thompson – Do You Feel Me
Tiësto – Driving To Heaven
Tiësto – Elements Of Life
Tiësto feat. JES – Everything
Tiësto feat. JES – Everything (Acoustic Version)
Tiësto – He’s A Pirate (Album Version)
Tiësto feat. Christian Burns – In The Dark (Original Mix)
Tiësto feat. Christian Burns – In The Dark (Tiësto Trance Mix)
Tiësto – Sweet Things
Tiësto – Ten Seconds Before Sunrise
Taxigirl – High Glow (with Jes)
Tiësto & Blue Man Group – No More Heroes


Allure – The Loves We Lost (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Dance4Life (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Dance4Life (Slow Mix)


Allure – Eastern Magik
Allure – Spastik
DJ Tiësto – Lethal Industry (Tiësto Edit)
Tiësto – A Tear In The Open (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Adagio For Strings (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Ancient History
Tiësto – Athena
Tiësto – Coming Home
Tiësto – Euphoria
Tiësto – Forever Today
Tiësto – Goldrush (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Heroes
Tiësto – Just Be (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Olympic Flame
Tiësto – Love Comes Again (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Magikal Circus
Tiësto – Nyana (Original Mix)
Tiësto – Sweet Mistery
Tiësto – Sweet Mistery (Extended Version)
Tiësto – Walking On Clouds (Original Mix)
Tiësto – UR
Tiësto – Victorious


Tiësto – Traffic (Original Mix)


DJ Tiësto – Battleship Grey (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Close To You (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Dallas 4PM (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Flight 643 (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – In My Memory (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Lethal Industry (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Magik Journey (Original Mix
DJ Tiësto – Magik Journey (DJ Tiësto Old School Trance Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Suburban Train

In collaboration with other producers

DJ Tiësto & Junkie XL – Obsession (Original Mix)


Allure – We Ran At Dawn (Original Mix)
Allure – We Ran At Dawn (Magikal Remake)
Allure – No More Tears (Original Mix)

In collaboration with other producers

Alibi – Eternity (Original Innercity Mix)
Gouryella – Tenshi (Original Mix)
Kamaya Painters – Summerbreeze
Kamaya Painters – Wasteland (Original Mix)
Major League – Wonder?
Major League – Wonder Where You Are? (Vocal Mix)


Allure – Cruising (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Sparkles (Original Mix) DJ Tiësto – Sparkles (Magikal Remake)
DJ Tiësto – Theme From Norefjell (Magikal Remake)
Roze – Our Love
Stray Dog – Mirror (Original Version)
Wild Bunch – Return Of The Groove Lounge (Original Mix)

In collaboration with other producers

Gouryella – Gouryella
Gouryella – Gorella
Gouryella – Walhalla
Hammock Brothers – Sea
Hammock Brothers – Windsong
Kamaya Painters – Cryptomnesia
Kamaya Painters – Far From Over (Original Mix)
Kamaya Painters – Soft Light
Vimana – Dreamtime
Vimana – We Came


Allure – Rejected (Original Mix)
Clear View – Cry For Love (Original Mix)
Drumfire – Flying Squirrel Problem
West & Storm – Moose
Wild Bunch – Groove Lounge

In collaboration with other producers

A3 – Imperial Forces
Andante – Above The Clouds
DJ Misja – E-Mocean
Hammock Brothers – Meladonic
Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave (Original Mix)
Kamaya Painters – Northern Spirit
Kamaya Painters – Outstream
Tiësto, Storm & Montana – Bleckentrommel (Tiësto & Montana 1999 Remix)


Allure – When She Left (Original Mix)
Clear View – Never Enough (Original Mix)
Control Freaks – Subspace Interference (Original Mix)
Stray Dog – Chapter Two (Original Mix)
Wild Bunch – Jonka (unreleased)

In collaboration with other producers

Carlos – Ammenekoejoen
DJ Maikel – My Style
DJ Maikel – Phenomena
DJ Maikel – Fonky Beats
DJ Maikel – Formidable
DJ Maikel – Get Love
Hammock Brothers – Blaze Of Night (Original Mix)
Hammock Brothers – Dwell Out In
Hammock Brothers – Earth (Original Mix)
Main Men – Proceed
Main Men – Rejuvenation
Tiësto, Storm & Montana – Bleckentrommel
Tiësto, Storm & Montana – Gimme Some Sugar


DJ Tiësto – The Tube (Original Mix)
DJ Tiësto – Shandar
DJ Tiësto – Long Way Home
Passenger – Blackspin (Original Mix)
Passenger – F.A.H.
Stray Dog – The Next Chapter
Tom Ace – I Wanna Get High
Tom Ace – I’m Ready
Tom Ace – Second High

In collaboration with other producers

DJ Maikel – Hold On
DJ Maikel – PZN
DJ Maikel – Somebody
DJ Maikel – Somebody (Old Skool Mix)
DJ Maikel – The Bomb
DJ Maikel – The Ride
DJ Maikel – Trip Doctor
DJ Yves – Sadness
DJ Yves – The Story
DJ Yves – Losing Track Of Time
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Bitch
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – I Came
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Runaway
DJ Yves & Two Deejays – Da Robbery
DJ Yves & Two Deejays – Get Down
DJ Yves & Two Deejays – Real Mothafucka
Hard Target – Knights Of Hardcore (Python Remix)
TB X-Press – Fifi d’Lambourghino
TB X-Press – Ooasis
TB X-Press – When I Was A Sperm


Paradise In Dubs – Come In Trance
Paradise In Dubs – In My Heart (Original Mix)
Paradise In Dubs – In My Heart (Remix)
Paradise In Dubs – The Rich

In collaboration with other producers

DJ Maikel – Clear Sonar
DJ Maikel – Harddrive
DJ Maikel – Keep Up
DJ Maikel – Play The Theme
DJ Yves – Amy???
DJ Yves – The Main Man
DJ Yves – You Belong To Me
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Bust It
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Eat A Dick
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – The Kiss
Glycerine – 666
Glycerine – Once Again
Glycerine – Spirit In My Soul
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Bust It
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – Eat A Dick
DJ Yves & DJ Maikel – The Kiss
West & Storm – Back 2 Basic
West & Storm – Back 2 Basic (Groove Park Remix)
West & Storm – Blue Memories
West & Storm – Porpoise
West & Storm – Resonance
West & Storm – Sunday Morning
West & Storm – Dans La Boite (DJ Tiësto Remix)


Da Joker – Fuck Me Right
Da Joker – Get Up Our Dicks
Da Joker – Getting Bored
Da Joker – In The Ghetto
Da Joker – Set It On Fire
Da Joker – Speed Up San Francisco
Da Joker – Spiritual Wipe Out
Da Joker – Willow

In collaboration with other producers

DJ Limited – Arabsession
DJ Limited – Devastating

DJ Limited – Mind Of A Lunatic
DJ Limited – The Anthem
T-Scanner – Expanded
T-Scanner – Sunday Afternoon
T-Scanner – Trip To Heaven