Red Lights Taryn Southern Cover“Inspired by Tiësto’s Red Lights, vocals by Taryn Southern and produced by Jameson Bass.”

The first single from the Tiësto`s upcoming album “A town Called Paradise” has already become a hit in many Dance Charts and is played worlwide. Now an American singer and actress Taryn Southern teamed up with Jameson Bass, musican and producer, to make an awesome cover of this track. The light melody and Taryn`s gentle voice can touch everyone`s heart as it happened with Tijs. “I love it” – says Tiësto on his twitter.

Taryn told us something more about this new version of “Red Lights”:


TIESTOBLOG: Are you a fan of Tiësto`s music or you just like this track?

Taryn: I’ve been a huge fan of Tiësto’s for awhile, and have actually seen him perform several times – Ibiza, Vegas, & Miami. He’s an incredible entertainer and musician! When I heard Red Lights for the first time, I fell in love with it.

TB: How did you decided to team up with Jameson Bass?

Taryn: Jameson’s a really talented producer I’ve wanted to work with for awhile! We have a mutual YouTuber musician friend who actually put us in touch about doing a cover. Red Lights was just playing on the radio, Jameson was a fan, and I was hooked by the 2nd verse!
We wanted to do the song justice, but since I was heading to NY for work, we only had 45 minutes to record the track before I left. Jameson works so fast and he’s so talented. What a trooper!

TB: Why did you choose exactly this track? What does it mean to you?

Taryn: Obviously everyone interprets music differently, but the song really made me feel an injection of life. The idea that every moment can’t be taken for granted. That it’s better to live a little dangerously, a little off the beaten path, than just conform or settle.
In general, the song has an incredible memory – it’s beautiful both as a dance track and a ballad — and in my mind, that’s what makes a great song…the ability to transcend genres.

Don`t miss the video with the new cover of “Red Lights” by Taryn Southern and Jameson Bass!

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