PixMob makes the crowd euphoric and also connect with each other. It’s really like a feeling, we’re in this together. It makes the party a little uplifting. – Tiësto

Nowadays promoters and DJs are continuously involved in the process of searching for the new ways to make their performance bright and unforgettable. Tijs teamed up with PixMob, the company that made it possible to unite 2,500 fans of electronic music during Tiësto’s set in Hakkasan. Special LED bracelets, which are given to every visitor, create a unique show with video effects in sync with the music that Tiesto plays in the booth, connecting fans and the DJ into one. We talked with PixMob to find out how this fresh decision can provide the atmosphere for the perfect performance that will stand out from the other shows.

TiestoBlog: How do these wristband work during the shows?
PixMob: “Basically, it works like a big TV remote control. Our transmitters use infrared light to send commands to the wristbands. It’s all done live. At Hakkasan, Tiësto light designer Koen de Puysseleir controls them along with the lighting equipment. Watching him work is amazing, he took PixMob to the next level.”

TB: Are the wristbands used for all the performances in Hakkasan now or it was an initiative of Tiësto’s management to make his sets exclusive?
PM: “Tiësto saw the wristbands for the first time in Amsterdam in November 2013. He was at the Heineken StarClub event with 12,000 PixMob wristbands pulsating in front of him. After the show we got a call from his management. Tiësto was about to start his residency at Hakkasan and wanted to make the fan experience like no other. So the wristbands are only used during his shows.”

TB: And finally, why do you think these special wristbands are so important for a great party?
PM: It’s something that has to be experienced. This sense of connection you get with everyone else in the audience. Everybody is pulsating at once in sync, it’s something that has never been done yet, it’s as hold as everyone holding a flame. At the end of the event the wristband are put into motion-sensitive mode:

when you move your arm it generates bright flashes of light. It becomes a memory of a night with Tiësto and the fans.

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