Year 2011 started not so long ago, and Tiësto brings his fans another present, his first remix of this year. This time he remixed electropop band “Ladytron” and there upcoming release “Ace of Hz” which will be available on january 11th. This is the first Tiësto remix collaboration with “Ladytron”.

Ladytron are an electronic music band originally formed in Liverpool, England. Ladytron formed in the summer of 1999 when Liverpool musicians and DJs Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt met dual singers Glaswegian Helen Marnie and Bulgarian-born Mira Aroyo. The band’s name was taken from the song of the same name by Roxy Music.

The track “Ace of Hz” is featured on the soundtrack for the Electronic Arts Video Game FIFA 11, from the forthcoming album Ladytron 00 – 10.