Finally, this long weekend has ended. Those two days in Ultra Music Festival was just spectacular. I could see many various performers. I played on the first day of festival together with David Guetta, Will.I.Am, Passion Pit and many others.

Tiësto and Dada Life guys

Festival day was one of the rainiest, which I have ever seen. My team departed as it was disorderly wind and rain, flowing up the streets of west beach. When they arrived to destination, where the performance had to be held, it seemed that we not going to make it to be held. Trucks were stocked in mud, the scenes were transported and it was really a very big problem. But when the evening came, sun began to shine brightly and when it came my turn to perform, the weather was quite good.

The duration of my performance was a bit shorter than usual, this is festival though, and not only my own performance, but I played really perfectly! Audience was really terrific, so many people screaming and put hands up in the air. It was inexpressible feeling, to stand by the console opposite 35 000 people.

After the performance we went to Mansion Club, where we met Steve Angello. I had a great time during this conference meeting my friends, and I am impatiently looking forward to next year, when I am able to meet all my friends at one place.

From there we departed to Mexico, where some others performances are waiting for me, before coming back to USA.