Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise compilations are inspired by his travels through various countries and have included stops in Latin America, Los Angeles and last year’s Ibiza. Mixed and recorded in Thailand, In Search of Sunrise 7 – Asia captures the peaceful and intensively passionate way of life that Tiësto encountered during his tour through the region. Throughout the two discs, Tiësto offers up a seamless trip through the latest and best trance, house and techno with an Asian flare. The record features an exclusive remix of singer/songwriter Cary Brothers single, “Ride”, which is rapidly becoming a summer smash.

I’ve been a luke-warm fan of Tiësto’s since his beginnings, but I must jump on the bandwagon here and cry, “uncle”. Overall, this compilation is excellent. Usually, I’ll throw in review-copies for a few minutes, taking a brief listen to each track; with ISOS7, I’ve been listening to it non-stop for weeks. It is a composed work of music art that exudes integrity, painstaking execution and most importantly a variety of fresh and upfront music. So many DJ compilations fail these days, harking back to big vocal sound to sell as wide an audience as possible. Tiësto has collected an intelligent, diverse music mix that progresses our genre electric.