“A Town Called Paradise” Track-by-track with Tiësto

Do you want to “plunge” into the atmosphere of an upcoming album “A Town Called Paradise”? We are glad to share the video presented by Tiësto, which is the reflection of the ideas and thoughts connected with the songs. Each track has its individual aura full of memories and images that became an inspiration for Tiësto.

Red Lights

“Red Lights” was the first single on the album and I was so happy and pleasantly surprised that it did so well around the world. You know, it is my first track on the radio in a long time and everybody seems to really like it. I was happy to see that because the song was so personal to me. You know, the lyrics are very personal and it is based on my time in Sweden. I always work at night . Stockholm in the winter is a very cold, dark place. I really enjoy it because you basically have the whole city for yourself, it`s no one on the street at 3 or 4 in the morning, it`s -20. And I`m walking around outside and see the red lights everywhere from the traffic lights. I had some nights when I was with friends there, we real felt like the whole city was ours. We could really do whatever we wanted. That was the inspiration for the song.


So “Footprints” is the song that is basically inspired by my traveling time. You know, I travel all around the world and I have to “put my footprints all over the world”. So the song is so close to me, it`s so personal. I love the vocal, Cruickshank did a great job. I think it`s a very big track and the drop is very original, too.

Light Years Away

“Light Years Away’ is a very beautiful song, very pretty. It reminds me a little bit of an old Massive Attack track. Sounds really big and euphoric. And I think that the vocal is great and also it is very haunting.

A Town Called Paradise

“A Town Called Paradise” is the title track of the album. And it was basically inspired by my days in Las Vegas. We were just thinking about how to make a special track about Las Vegas. Every year I selected EDC and it`s also like in the middle of nowhere they built a hole-a town. I call it a Town. And we a going to the town called paradise. I think everybody can relate with it because everybody in the world has this special place, a special town which can be called “A Town Called Paradise”.

Written In Reverse

“Written In Reverse” I wrote together with Matthew Koma and also with DJ Hardwell. It`s a great collaboration, Hardwell and I have been friends for a long time. And he is on the top of the game at the moment, so to have a number 1 on this song was great. It is also very beautiful, if things are written in reverse you can travel back through time to that special moment in time, it`s a really touching vocal, I think.


“Echoes” I wrote together with Andreas Moe and he is an amazing singer, songwriter from Sweden. Again from Sweden!(Tijs laughs)Also the Swedish influence on the album. I think the melody is really special, sound is very special. This track is already 2 years old but it still sounds fresh and timeless.

Last Train

“Last Train” featuring Ladyhawke is one of my favorite tracks of the album. So I really love Ladyhawke and I am so happy that she wanted to work with me on this track. This track I wrote with two talented producers from Holland called Firebeatz. We got the single that is really perfect. “You are on the last train home again”-I think it is a really special concept. You know, it`s all night partying and you go on the last train back. I think it is about all things that happen at night. Yeah, it`s a really cool track!


You know, the single “Wasted” is a special one because when I first heard the track-the song, actually, the lyrics were completely different. I know this couple in Sweden, they were together for a long time. They didn`t come along and they thought about break-up but every time when we went out together,we started drinking and they were more and more drunk-they started to get closer and closer and closer. And when they got wasted-they always went home together and woke up the next day together. So that was basically the inspiration for the song.

Let’s go

Yeah, I was really happy that I could work on this album with Icona Pop because I knew the girls for a long time before they had a huge hit “I Love It” and I wanted to work with them back then already. But they were so busy with that track blowing up that finally they had some time to record this track in Texas, where we were on tour. We talked about the lyrics and they wrote the lyrics and we went back and forth on it. I changed the music underneath and it is a very energetic track, there is so much energy in it. When I hear this track-I just can`t sit still, all I want to do is go out. So let`s go!

The Feeling

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool was a special band for me. You know, they made one album and it was amazing. This track, “The Feeling”, I always had a special bond with it, I really like his vocal in it and the way he sings it. It`s very indie but it has some aggressiveness to it and very passionate. That`s why this vocal is very special on the album.


“Shimmer” from Christian Burns was already an existing track, he wrote it for his own album like three-four-five years ago and he played me that track five years ago. And I was like – ‘hey, I would love to produce this track!”. He was like – “I wanna keep it for myself” and never gave it to me. And them by coincidence I talked to him just a couple of months ago, ‘hey, how everything is going?” because we are old friends. And I was like – “hey, I never saw that track “Shimmer” got released, what about now? Let`s do it now!”. And he was like – “yeah, let`s go for it!”. And you know, we rewrote the lyrics a little bit and made a completely new music underneath and it was a fresh new track. I am really happy to have it on the album!


Yeah, “Rocky” is a track that has been definitely inspired by the music from the 80`s. I worked on it with DJ and producer from Sweden called Kaaze. His dad was a big rockstar in 80`s so he also grew up on the 80`s music. So I said – ‘let`s do something 80`s inspired!”. The melody in the track is very catchy, it`s the only instrumental track on the album. But the melody is such a big thing, like we don`t need a vocal on this one. So we just kept it very simple and straight forward.

Close To Me

“Close To Me” I wrote with Sultan & Ned Shepperd, two Canadian DJs, very well-known producers. I think the track “Close to Me” is just like a nice love dedication to the people you love, you know, who are close to you.

Set Yourself Free

Yes, “Set Yourself Free” started off as an instrumental track I did a couple of years ago together with Allure and it was called “Pair of Dice” back then. I always that it would be a great vocal track but never could find a good vocal for it. So I sent a track to Krewella, they are doing very well at the moment and I like the voices of the girls. And together with Matthew Coma they came up with “Set Yourself Free” and I thinks it is such a ‘feel good’ anthem. The melody and the music fit so well together. So it is the best from the both sides: a great vocal and a great melody.