Starting from 2011 Tiësto joined up with Hard Rock, to start his “Tiësto in Concert” performances which will last throughout the year at “The Joint” in Las Vegas. But how did it all started? Who made the first step towards it? What makes those performances special?

“I had my residency at Ibiza last year, and I always wanted to come to Vegas and make same performances here. We started to talk with Hard Rock, and they visited me in Ibiza. They saw the show there, and said that they would like to make same performances in Hard Rock. And that’s how we came together!”

“T I J S. It’s so funny, because it’s just a simple name, and no one in the world knows how to pronounce it. It’s the simplest name ever – Tijs. And I’m happy that I changed it to Tiësto, because everyone in the world knows how to say – TIESTO. ”

“Las Vegas is an amazing town. Here it really feels that excitement, and you’re pumped. This is the greatest party city in the world. The first time I played here, was 1st of January, and it was right after New Year. It was a great performance; I think the crowd was really into it. It’s like a club in a concert venue, so it’s the best of both, it’s a club feeling also with a concert. And what you can see, at the Vegas show there are a lot of old and new fans coming together. So I try to play longer set, and every night it’s never the same, and that’s different.”

“I’m excited, its second time at “The Joint”, and it’s February. Sold out show, DJs playing before me, so it’s going to be GOOD!”

“I always wanted, that everyone would go home happy, like satisfied. Especially nowadays, when I have such a variety of fans, so I pay eclectic stuff and in the end I play an hour of old stuff. And then everyone goes home happy!”