A new compilation is in the studio from the world’s favourite DJ Tiësto. One of the tracks for the upcoming release is a collaboration with DJ and producer Marcel Woods called “Don’t Ditch”.


Marcel Woods is a Dutch producer whose music appears often in Tiësto’s sets… tunes such as “Everything”, “The Bottle”, “Inside Me”, and many more. Marcel describes his music: “People try to define my sound to just one or two genres, but if you’ve heard me then you’ll know that’s impossible.” It’s true that his infectious rhythms, driving synths and original sounds fit very well with Tiësto’s sound. A collaboration is sure to be massive, a top quality original track from two amazing producers.

Tiësto first contacted Marcel through twitter, who joined him for dinner in Ibiza and his famous Privilege residency. Since then they have been in touch, hanging out at the Privilege club, and over the course of several months, while balancing busy schedules, were able to connect and create this new track together.

So keep your eyes peeled for this track “Don’t Ditch”, and watch for more news on Tiësto’s upcoming compilation.

VIDEO: Tiësto vs. Marcel Woods – Don’t Ditch (Live)