Featuring a brilliant performance by Mori as the hard-working Japanese office worker, an awesome video by the fantastic Muto.

Muto Masashi on making the video for Tiësto and SSS’s I Will Be Here

“It was interesting to see how Tiësto’s music could be incorporated into the essence of Tokyo. One of the main elements of this was the hard-working ethic of the Japanese office worker. He works until the late hours of the night and until the song is over, then he goes to sleep. Every day is the same routine for him, like working the late night, taking the subway and following the same course… in many ways, he’s like a robot.

“And I had a perfect character in mind to be our robot office worker: a guy who lives, eats, sleeps like the Honda Asimo robot. I called him up, and gave him the special mission to spread Tiësto’s sound through the streets of Tokyo – and inject some energy into the city. It was an amazing project.”