During his extensive Elements of Life World Tour 2007 – 2008, Tiësto literally played all four corners of the globe. The final part took him to Asia, where he hosted a string of shows in Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Korea. Throughout the tour Tiësto and his crew were not only followed by a camera team, but they shot their own videos as well. The end result is an exclusive backstage pass to the artist’s life on tour.

In depth Review
The entire Asia tour, Tiësto was welcomed by City lights, vibrant streets, packed out nightclubs, superior hotels, and a frenzied fan atmosphere. Whilst also being overwhelmed and mused by the stunning scenery, hot beaches, flowing food markets of Far Eastern delights, and historic temples. Many exclusive photo shoots took place capturing the Asian flavour and it’s surroundings, Tiësto seemed very relaxed and very well taken care of throughout the whole tour. The people of Asia welcome tourists in such a way that it becomes a ‘home from home’.

Interviews & Press Conferences
The Asia Tour DVD implements many key factors, including exclusive interviews, press conferences and personal talks with Asia’s leading industry people. I especially enjoyed the interviews that Tiësto had with the press, his honest answers and moral fibre was plain to see throughout. For example, Tiësto explains how tough travelling can be and how much easier and more enjoyable it has become now he has the right people alongside him. Throughout the interview you are given examples of the fun Tiësto experiences with his team, Dimtri de Wit being the main funny guy – it certainly made me giggle, the guy is a genius – Tiësto shares the secrets of becoming successful, whilst dropping tips for other DJ’s, furthermore describing the best parts of being a world renowned DJ – It’s all very interesting.

The progression throughout each gig was superb, starting of with the smaller club and then in to the largest, this DVD takes you through the atmosphere that each club creates, and clearly shows that whether it be a small club or a large one you can still create dance floor havok. Asia clearly loves Tiësto, the crowds within each session danced larger than life, screamed louder and louder and threw everything in to enjoying the night. Asia certainly knows how to create a crazy vibe, and banging party. Each night offered superb lighting, masses of atmosphere and a full house, not to mention many beautiful bodies on the dance floor, perfectly toned, tanned and up for it people, what more could you ask for? One club in particular had a huge robot that danced throughout the crowd, it was amazing to watch. All of the above was topped of with lots of alcoholic fluid – Nice

Photo shoots
The back drop scenes throughout the photo shoots were immense, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such surroundings in my life, the colours, the historic buildings, the ocean, halcyon beaches and stunning country views, the photographer took some beautiful shots. Tiësto stated that Taiwan was such a magical place, everyone should at least visit once in their lifetime, and after watching this DVD I would have to agree.

Funny Moments & Time out
Tiësto managed to grab some time out to appreciate the places he was visiting, which gave the camera crew the perfect opportunity to give you an insight of the real beauty that surrounded the tour, you get to see the historic temples, food markets, and everyday things to do in Asia. Of an evening Tiësto eats at ‘Sushi Ko‘ and enjoys the night life with his team, sometimes unsure Tiësto goes all out to try the most exotic Sushi dishes, the facial expressions of Tiësto and his team are quite revealingly funny. The best part for me was when Dimtri decided to do a bungee jump, you actually get to see ‘Dimitri’s special moment’, note the comment Tiësto makes about this afterwards. There was something else that did a bungee that night, my response was one of ‘WTF’, but I won’t spoil it for you. The snippets of character included within this DVD, have made the whole watch that little more human whilst encouraging many smiles along the way. – Great touch

ISOS Recording studio
The ISOS recording studio is one of pure muse, the room itself is centre staged for production which opens out to the most spectacular and dream like setting, one which any DJ would be more than happy to reside in for hours on end. You are walked in to the room with Tiësto behind the decks, the sounds filtering through inspired by the harmonious views are breathtaking. It’s truly surreal.

What strikes me about Tiësto is how grounded he really is, this DVD really exposes the human behind this name ‘Tiësto’, even though he is one of the worlds most prestigious names within the scene, his mentality and personality remains solid. Tiësto shares his most important morals in life, he explains how much he enjoys meeting new fans and people, experiencing the differences between cultures, and languages, whilst also talking about how he keeps those given experiences close to his heart at all times throughout his career. Tiësto has shown me this evening that even still he appreciates the support from his fans and close colleagues, and his passion for music will remain forever.

To quote the man himself after finishing the mixing sessions at Kui Buri: “When I played the last record, the whole ‘Elements of Life Tour’ went through my head again, and for me it’s definitely been a tour I will never forget.”

Join Tiësto on the journey through the Far East as he plays some of the best clubs Asia has to offer in this exclusive copy of the Asia Tour DVD.

Tiësto Asia Tour DVD

Source: beatsmedia.com