“Las Vegas is like my second home and I’m excited to leave a permanent mark on the city I love,” Tiësto said a week before the show. And yes he officially left a permanent mark on the grounds of “Sin City”. The show took place on Wednesday as planned, and had Bellagio’s water fountain’s maneuvering to the beat of electronic music. The official tracks that were chosen were, “Footprints”, “Rocky” and “Red Lights”. All played in that same order.

It was the first time the Bellagio fountain shows creator, WET design, has collaborated with a composer on the show’s choreography. Contrary to the typical music that is usually played there, from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson’s, Peter Kopik, Executive Designer & Director of Choreography at WET, said it was a new challenge for him to work on a fountain show synced with the beats of fast-paced music like Tiësto’s. But at the end, all worked perfectly as expected.

Tiësto took time to write on his Facebook page, a special thanks to the people at the MGM Grand and WET design for helping him realize a dream. He also went further to explain the influence that dance music has gained over the past years: “Dance music has come so far in the past few years in Las Vegas and also around the world and this is a huge statement about the power of the music that we all love…”

He then finished his statement by saying: “thanks to everyone who came out last night to experience this with me! The show will be there every hour for the next week and after that in high rotation forever!!”