WE8 Theme: “Global Harmony”
WE8 Bottle Designer: Xiao Xue, from China
WE8 Music: “Global Harmony,” by Tiësto, from the Netherlands

Q&A with…Tiësto

How would you describe the feeling of your song, “Global Harmony”?
I focused on the Coca-Cola melody – it’s very catchy. So I started to build a typical Tiësto drive track with a nice baseline. The melody fit so well on top of that, that the whole track feels very natural to me and it’s something I can play in my DJ sets.

What was your creative process for the song? What inspired you?
“Harmony” is what my life and my musical career are all about….What inspired me was the melody of the original song, combined with my experience as a DJ. I know what will work in the clubs and this one definitely will!

How long did it take to create your song?
Since we had a melody to start with, it only took four days to create the whole thing.

Has any of your other music been inspired by artwork or designs?
Not really. This was the first time and, therefore, a nice challenge.

What inspired you to become a musician/artist?
I love to share music with the rest of the world!

What other cultures, if any, have inspired your music?
I don’t have specific cultures influencing my music. If you listen to my DJ sets, you’ll hear that the music I play is influenced by all different cultures.

What role does music play in bringing people of different cultures together?
Music is the universal language. Almost everybody loves music and can put their feelings in it. I travel all around the world and, during all these different performances, I meet a variety of people from different cultures. These people give me music from their home country, which is a real influence. I try to integrate these different elements in my sets worldwide.

Have you ever traveled to or performed in China?
In fact, I did two years ago and I’ll be going back to China this year. It’s really amazing to see how people live
in other cultures, to see how people communicate and what their habits are, compared to your own.

What is your favorite part of the Olympic Games? Favorite Olympic event? If you were going to compete in the Olympic Games, what sport would you like to try?
The most-favorite part of the Olympics is, of course, when people are going beyond their limits, when they do the impossible, like achieving new world records nobody thought was possible. My favorite Olympic sports are speed skating and swimming, for the simple fact that the Netherlands, my home country, always manages to win medals in these disciplines. When I was young, I loved playing soccer, so being in the Olympics as a soccer player would have been amazing, but I don’t think this will happen…. 🙂

What is your favorite Coca-Cola product?
Coca-Cola Light! I love it!