Hardwell talks about his new collaboration with Tiësto – ‘Zero 76’

After months of rumors, it is now official. The two dutch producers Hardwell and Tiësto have combined their forces for the first time to create a dancefloor bomb, ‘Zero 76’, which will soon be released on Tiësto’s label ‘Musical Freedom’. “It is unbelievable that so many people are talking about this release already. We posted a teaser on Youtube only last night! In less than 16 hours the teaser has been viewed over 100.000 times!” says Hardwell in an interview with Reviped.com.

The track is called Zero 76 because the numbers 076 represent the prefix that is dialed to reach the city of ‘Breda’ in the Netherlands, hometown of both Hardwell and Tiësto. “In the beginning we called it 076, but that would not work in the USA because it would be pronounced ‘O seventy-six instead of ‘Zero seventy-six.”

It’s only a year ago that Hardwell got in touch with Tiësto and started this collaboration. ‘One year ago I got a message from Tiësto on Twitter that he liked my productions. He mentioned that all my tracks instantly became dancefloor bangers . That’s when I said to him we should work together on a track, so we did. Most of the producing happened while traveling, we never had time to sit down together and work on it.’

Tiësto & Hardwell – Zero 76 (Official Music Video)