There always have been some rumours about Tiësto and his love life, we all saw pictures of Tiësto and bunch of gorgeous models, but this time it is serious, Tijs confirmed it last night on RTL Boulevard that he has a girlfriend just he did not told us who she is (yet) “It’s still very early, so I keep it a secret who it is” and left us guessing is it a model or maybe one of his fans? Despite our guessing, Tiësto radiates happiness which is a good inspiration for new music, win win right?

Our beloved dj does not hide his happiness that he finally has someone which who he can spend his off time from gigs and just forget everything around him and share his feelings with that lucky girl “It’s a nice feeling to have with whom you can share. Things like going on vacation and stuff with that person again,” says the music virtuoso.

We all at least once thought about if there will be someone so talented in the future like maestro himself, but unfortunately we need to hold this thought because Tiësto and his mysterious girlfriend are not thinking about little Tiësto running around them .”I want to first learn to live normally, but when I’m older … I’m too young for children,” he says with a laugh. Looks like that we will have to wait for those new talents in dance music business.
All things considered, girls get your ice-cream and tissue boxes ready because Tiësto will not be available any time soon, good thing his music still is, tracks like Who wants to be alone..