The theme behind the Tiesto mask was finding the perfect balance between the similarities and differences of Tiesto and Henrik’s worlds. Both hailing from Scandinavia, the two share similar cultures and histories, which they wanted to incorporate as a main focal point in the mask.

The mask features a tribute to Old New York, or New Amsterdam as it was originally named. The first New York governor, of Netherlands decent, is depicted as stoic statue. They also paid homage to their new roots in Las Vegas, New York, and Stockholm.

Tiesto wanted to incorporate a flashy version of his logo, which he said was “shiny like me and the top of Madison Square Garden.” Although not illustrated on the mask, both Tiesto and Henrik wanted to recognize the devoted nature of their fans.

“Without the fans we both would be nothing,” Tiesto says. The mask exemplifies the combination of two worlds seamlessly coming together to form one epic mask.

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