Tiësto, International DJ, came in to the Nova studios this morning to chat to Hughsey and Kate, and is on the Ryan, Monty & Wippa show this afternoon, sporting the lovely Melbourne based Pia Miller across his broad ‘Holland superstar DJ’ chest.

“I was shopping in Los Angeles and thought it was cool shirt…Then I walked in here and you guys went crazy” Tiësto said to Hughsey and Kate on their reaction this morning.
Tiësto likes Pia Miller on his t-shirt
Tiësto, the man with claims on being the world’s biggest DJ, had Melbourne model Pia Miller on his t-shirt while he was in Nova’s Melbourne studio. Purely by accident though. Hughesy, Kate and Ed fill in all the gaps for him.

Tiësto – A Life Insane
The world’s greatest DJ chats with The Action Battle Team about partying and getting free shit.

Tiësto on Grant Smillie
Tiësto (Tijs Michiel Verwest) knows the secret of hiring an opening DJ and being part time famous.

Tiësto is single and has the best life ever
Hughesy and Ed agree – being single and the world’s biggest DJ is the best life in the world.
Tiësto can even go to an after party at Steph’s house in Geelong if he wants!

source: www.novafm.com.au