Tiësto works together with 7UP to bring the world an excellent electronic music with the help of the new talents.

During the Winter Music Conference week that took place in Miami, Tiësto announced an exclusive program together with 7UP that is called #7x7UP. After teaming up with this legendary DJ, 7UP is turning UP all the best electronic music throughout a year 2014! They are going to bring 7 special performances (the first of them was a massive Ultra) and work with 7 unique and talented DJs to make every show unforgettable.
According to the official 7UP announcement, EDM fans will also have a chance to peek behind the scenes with access before, during and after some of the biggest music festivals of #7x7UP. Electronic music lovers will have the opportunity to connect with the artists they love through exclusive social media content and live, in-concert experiences.


As the main DJ in the program #7x7UP who will light it up all year long, Tiësto told us a little bit more about each of the six young talents in electronic music, who can already be easily called superstars. While talking about Kaaze, Swedish DJ and producer, Tijs revealed some new details about his new album “A Town Called Paradise”.
“So this guy I met in Sweden and again super talented! He is very passionate about his productions and he makes amazing music. We did a track together for my album, which is gonna be the intro track, it shows the whole summer. And he made a track, it is called “We will recover” and it’s a beautiful song and I think it’s gonna be huge”, says Tiësto.

After Tiësto’s speech we see the people standing next to him, who will probably be the stars on the EDM stage in the nearest future. Kaaze, The Disco Fries, Moska, MOTi, Dzeko & Torres, Danny Avila – these are the names that are already recognized by thousand of listeners and they are not going to stop now.

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