On Friday, Tiësto surprised his fans by posting a picture of him holding two golden records for “Wasted” and “Red Lights”. Meaning he sold over 500,000 copies of each track. He went on to thank his record label, his team and all the people who worked with him on the singles and on the overall album. But above all, he thanked the people who actually bought these records and have showed him their support throughout the year.

To celebrate his achievement, he threw a “Golden Party” at Hakkasan nightclub, where he also debuted his video of “Light Years Away”. Now when was the last time you saw that happen? A video premiered at a club? Also, Special guests Dzeko & Torres along with Crooked were there for the opening sets. If you weren’t there, you could’ve still had a glimpse of the party through Tiësto’s snapchat, were a few videos were taken. But for now, just make sure to keep on buying his music, because who knows what else hell throw next time he receives a golden record?

Tiësto: The Gold Party