“Shimmer” from Christian Burns was already an existing track, he wrote it for his own album like three-four-five years ago and he played me that track five years ago. And I was like – ‘hey, I would love to produce this track!”. He was like – “I wanna keep it for myself” and never gave it to me. And them by coincidence I talked to him just a couple of months ago, ‘hey, how everything is going?” because we are old friends. And I was like – “hey, I never saw that track “Shimmer” got released, what about now? Let`s do it now!”. And he was like – “yeah, let`s go for it!”. And you know, we rewrote the lyrics a little bit and made a completely new music underneath and it was a fresh new track. I am really happy to have it on the album! – Tiësto