Fresh air has blown on 3FM. Proudly presenting DJ Tiësto as a new 3FM on Saturday night. Dance your feet off! Tatatataa! New DJ! Tiësto is of course DJ of a year, but now he is also another 3FM DJ!

Tiësto’s Club Life
From April 2011 Tiësto is starting his radio show every Saturday night called Tiësto’s Club Life, in which from 00.00 to 02.00 you can hear tracks from BNN 3FM. Today Tiësto has ended his introductory tour with his new colleagues Coen and Frank De Coen en Sander Show.

3FM and Tiësto
Tiësto is very pleased with his arrival at 3FM: “In 2005 I received an Award Bart. Who would have ever thought that I work together with Barts broadcasting? Musical 3FM is getting better and I am going to fit in together. Previously, I perform mostly trance music, but now I have embraced many styles. Now I am working mostly with bands rotated on 3FM, so in this way I have made further step. 3FM represents the new style of music, that Tiësto stands for at the year 2011. ”

Channel Manager Wilbert Mutsaers: “It is a privilege to welcome a worldwide famous DJ as Tiësto on 3FM. His recent remixes such as MUSE, Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Amy MacDonald and Editors show that Tiësto and 3FM-dance programming made a perfect match on broadcasting music. His collaborations with artists such as Nelly Furtado, and Busta Rhymes show a start of new chapter of Tiësto’s in his career. 3FM-amazing Saturday dance night broadcasting starts from the 1st of April, begining with Tiësto’s Club Life 2 hours performance , later followed by the unsurpassed White Noise by Dave Clarke (VPRO/3voor12) show fo up to 4 hours.

Dancing on Saturday
Saturday night show on 3FM starting on April 2011 is fully dedicated to dance floor: El Miloudi Ajouad cares about launching the program at 22.00 by steping on BNN ‘The Sense of Dance’, when Tiësto’s Club Life is continuing until after midnight. Dave Clark, completes evening dance show with White Noise on 3FM lasting from 02.00 until 04.00.