Most DJ’s see Tiesto as the Godfather. Being in the game for over 2 decades, he has become one of the biggest inspiration for most of the young generation DJ’s. And above all, he doesn’t take it for granted. He has helped many rising stars, like Tommy Trash, Hardwell, Danny Avila, Twoloud and much more, to get where they are now. In other words, you can say that he has built himself a second family. A family which is not genetically, but musically related. And like any family, it looks upon itself. Tiesto always has his eyes out, to give some sort of wisdom, for young talented artists who want some support. He says; it’s cool to get such a good connection with the young generation, it really helps me to keep inspired, and to help myself stay fresh with my sound. And being someone very competitive, he adds that he tries to innovate himself and stay on top of them. But he also states that their enthusiasm reminds him of himself when he had started out. Martin Garrix cited him many times as a mentor. He even got some tips from the legend in person, for the making of his dance floor filler, Animals. But Tiesto’s top tip, for people who are trying out as Dj’s, is to play what you really like and feel, and not what is popular. In other words, he is saying to always follow your heart.