The official music video for the Tiësto Remix of the track “Trouble is” of the Danish band Turboweekend.

We are the night Productions is proud to announce the production of the Music video for the track Trouble is, originally by the Danish rock band Turboweekend and remixed by no other then one of the biggest DJ / Producer in the World, Tiësto.

In a cooperation with the Danish Idolinc, represented by Peter Kjaer, we created the music video for the yet to be released track. Not only did we produce the music video, but also the backdrop video playing on the LED behind Tiësto during the show. Director Wilco Jung says; “It feels like the next step in our journey in this scene, very naturual, love working with al these exciting people. For example the backdrop video playing on the LED has been made in close cooperation with Koen de Puyselier, he’s Tiësto’s light and video touring with him allover the world. Also Peter is really great to work with. We recorded the main part during our multicam shoot for Tiësto in Dublin. It was a amazing gig, Tiësto really knows what he’s doing”.